The effect of insomnia affects our entire lifestyle. Fatigue, weakness, decreased vision, irritability, etc. So, here we know some things that help a lot to sleep.

If you change sides for a long time, but you do not sleep and this does not work, then it may be insomnia. This problem becomes quite serious because of this over time, and this is in science is called insomnia. Let us know some of the methods can help you fall asleep quickly and feel refreshed throughout the day.

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Set a time for sleep and wake up

Many people sleep late at night and have a hard time opening their eyes in the morning, or they sleep too late in the morning, it causes laziness and tiredness all day. Although we have enough sleep of 6 to 8 hours to keep our bodies fresh throughout the day and sleep times vary from person to person, it is necessary to have a certain amount of time to sleep and wake up. It may be too late to sleep at night, but try to stay awake at the appointed time. So that at night you can sleep at a certain time.


Do away from the mobile phone, television

Watching TV before bed or using a cell phone has become a common part of the lifestyle these days, yes, you can watch TV, you can also use a cell phone, but when you go to bed, stop watching TV and a cell phone. Stay away from all these, instead of you can read any book, it will make you sleep too.

Say no to tea or coffee

Many people get used to drinking tea or coffee before bed, they don’t avoid doing it at all. If possible, do not drink tea, coffee at night, and not at all before bed! Caffeine is present in coffee and tea, which makes us sleepy, and you may have problems such as wheezing that may cause you to stay awake at night and have poor sleep.

Avoid stress

Often sleep does not come due to the fact that the problems of the office, our business, etc. Wander in our mind, and our mind constantly thinks about it, because of which we do not sleep. The solution is that whatever problem you have, write it down on paper and write in front of her what I think about it in the morning.

Yoga, meditation, exercise

Yoga, meditation, exercise – whatever you want to do in the morning not only keeps our body healthy, but also increases inner peace and concentration, and promotes good sleep at night.

Eat light food at night

Our digestive system is slightly slower at night than during the day, too much spicy food also causes acidity and gas problems, so eat a light diet at night and your blood sugar is also under control by eating light foods. You should try to fall asleep only one to two hours after eating.

Feet should be washed and slept

When we wash our feet and go to bed, our mind calms down, which is beneficial for a good sleep. Many people like to take a bath before bed, this is also very good, a night bath improves sleep. You are tired during the day, and as soon as you take a bath, your tiredness goes away and your body temperature returns to normal. It makes you sleep soundly. If you cannot take a bath, then you can sleep by washing your feet, this will improve your sleep.

Bedsheet and cleaning nearby

Yes, keep in mind that the sheet needs to be cleaned as well as cleaning around it, you will feel good and will largely get rid of the problem of insomnia.

Can listen to light music.

If you are sad about music, you can listen to light music before going to bed, the music should be light along with volumetric light. This will make you quickly freshen up and fall asleep.

Feel the breath

You feel your breathing and exhalation and try to focus all your attention on the breath, even if the attention is removed, repeat this action again and again for a while. This is also helpful in good sleep

Flapping eyelids.

Open and close your eyelids very quickly, this will weigh your eyelids a little and you will fall asleep quickly.

Disclaimer: This article is only for information and not for advice. These tips can be beneficial for you, and if you are constantly suffering from sleeplessness, consult a doctor.



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