Troubled by your leanness, then get a solution from these things soon

While some people are troubled by their obesity (Fat), some people are upset due to their leanness. They make great efforts to gain some weight. But still, get disappointed. If you are not able to gain weight even after trying a million, then do not get upset because today we will tell you about some foods that will relieve your leanness and weakness (Food for weight gain).

Due to weight gain
-Stomach problem
– Nutritional deficiency
-Fast metabolism
-lack of sleep
-Stress or depression
-Low food
Apart from this, there can be a problem with weight gain due to some diseases, such as the thyroid. In this case, your doctor should get a checkup done.


Home remedies for weight gain

Consumption of nut bananas from potassium not only increases weight but also removes weakness. Eat 1 banana daily with milk in the morning. You will get to see the difference within a month only.

Troubled by your leanness, then get a solution from these things soon
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dry fruits
Nutrients are found in inappropriate amounts in dry fruits. Include almonds, raisins, and cashews, etc. in your diet.

Pasta is nutritious as well as tasty. Mix vegetables and cook in it. Eating it also increases weight and the body also gets nutrients.

Soak 5-6 figs in the water at night. Eat half part of it in the morning and a half in the afternoon. Do this continuously for 1 month. With this, your belly will not come out and the weight will also increase.

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Egg contains plenty of vitamin D, magnesium, sodium, potassium, and minerals, so its intake helps in weight gain.

Note: consult Doctors before taking any measures



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