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Title and Meta Description

Title and Meta Description

if you want to rank number one on Google, then, first of all, optimize your title tag and your meta description. Have you ever done a Google search and notice that every time you do it, there’s this link at the top and then there’s this one sentence with the link at the top is called the title tag. And the description below is called a meta description.

Now think of it this way. If you search for the phrase SEO Tutorials, and you don’t see the word SEO Tutorial, neither the title or the description, are you going to click on the result will if you are there’s something wrong, because why would you click on a resolution that isn’t related to.


The easiest way to do is that you have to include the keyword in your title and your description, but it has to be appealing. If it doesn’t flow in a sentence. It’s not easy to read, and it’s not appealing or evoking curiosity, no one is going to click through. The second thing for you is to use Google Search Console.

Did you know that Google gives you a tool that teaches you how to rank number one on Google? Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, but it is true. And it’s called Google Search Console. If you’re not already a user of it, sign up, it doesn’t cost $1, you’re missing out. If you’re not using it. I can’t emphasize that enough. So now that using Google Search Console, give it a few days because it takes some time to populate data, you’ll see a screen that shows search analytics, and this shows you all the pages on your website that are getting you traffic.

But the cool thing about Google Search Console is they also show you which articles are getting impressions. And here’s what I mean by impressions. You know, when you do a search on Google, you don’t always click through on a result, right? If you did, then you’d be clicking through on 10 results. Every time you did a search. That would be insane. What Google shows is how many people are seeing your listing and clicking through and how many people don’t click through so they show you how many impressions you’re getting the clicks and the click-through rate.

Title and Meta Description

What you’ll find is, in general, you’re lucky if you’re getting around a 5% click-through rate, sometimes 10–15. But in most cases, most of your pages are going to be getting less than 5%. click-through rate. Now the cool part about Google Search Console is they show you all the keywords that you’re getting impressions for, and all the ones you’re getting clicks for. Now, remember, the first tip was about content thoroughness, and you want an article that talks about everything under the sun. Well, you can use Google Search Console to tie in back to the fifth.

So kind of numbers one and three are related in which you want to take all the targeting impressions for and start adding them to your copy. Now, don’t just shove them in and have your content be keyword-rich, where you know, someone reads it and all it is SEO Tutorial. If someone was reading your article, and it sounded just like that, they’re going to bounce off your site because that means your content sucks and it just has too many keywords that have to flow naturally be educational, so you want to take those keywords. Google Search Console and add them to the article.

So make your content super make sure you include the keywords within your title tag and meta description. But also when you’re doing your title and description. Make sure you’re poking curiosity and you’re creating an amazing title.

Everyone wants to read and click through. And number three, use the free tool that Google gives you that will help you rank number one. That’s Google Search Console. Use those three things and you can rank number one.

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