Often times the mouth blisters become so painful that you want to get rid of it immediately, and take various measures. There are many drugs available on the market to treat mouth blisters, but sometimes they work, if not always, so today we’re going to tell you about some home remedies that can help get rid of blisters.
Most people get blisters in their mouths due to poor digestion system(Flatulence) and many other reasons. These blisters in the mouth can also cause problems with eating and drinking. If taking common measures also does not benefit, then immediately consult a doctor.

These home remedies will give instant relief from mouth ulcers and pain, know more
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Home remedies for mouth blisters(ulcers)

  • Boil 15 grams of turmeric in one liter of water and gargle twice a day. This will heal your blisters in two days. If you do not want to boil the water, then put the turmeric in the water for a while, then, after filtering the water, rinse your mouth.
  • Grind jambul leaves, mix with water and rinse, blisters will also disappear.
  • You add alum fried in glycerin, apply saliva to the blisters with cotton wool and let the saliva drain, this will eliminate the blisters.
  • Apply pure ghee to your blisters at night when you sleep. This will cure the blisters overnight.
These home remedies will give instant relief from mouth ulcers and pain, know more
  • Pipal bark and pipal leave and apply on blisters, it also heals blisters.
  • Chewing two or three guava leaves mixed with catechu[Kathha] also treats dangerous blisters.
  • Chewing jasmine leaves and spitting up also helps with ulcers.
  • Gargle with buttermilk after getting up in the morning and before sleeping at night provides relief in blisters.
  • Applying catechu[Kathha] to thick blisters also brings relief.
  • If you add 6 grams of camphor to 50 grams of ghee and apply it in your mouth, the blisters will disappear very quickly.

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