These Ayurvedic properties are present in pomegranate

It has often been seen that when a person is cured of a serious illness, he gets pomegranate. Pomegranate is actually high in iron, which increases the amount of hemoglobin in the body. Iron is reduced in sick people, so they get pomegranate. In addition, pomegranate grains are high in carbohydrates, magnesium, potassium, iron, tannin, vitamins. In Ayurveda, besides pomegranate, the grains, leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, and skins are also considered very beneficial. Pomegranate leaves can cure many illnesses such as stomach pain, insomnia, eczema, and mouth ulcers. Let us know how pomegranate is beneficial for physical health.

These Ayurvedic properties are present in pomegranate


Pomegranate flowers that are beneficial in Pyorrhea disease

Bleeding from the teeth is called pyorrhea. To solve this problem, you need to grind the dried pomegranate flowers. This powder should be used as a powder 2-3 times a day. Teeth bleeding stops and the teeth become strong too.

Beneficial for a nose bleed problem

If there is a problem with bleeding from the nose, put a few drops of pomegranate in the nose. This will stop the bleeding after some time. Usually, this problem occurs in the summer season. The nature of pomegranate is cool, it reduces body heat.

Stomach ache

Pomegranate seeds are very effective for stomach pain. To relieve stomach pain, mix salt, black pepper powder, and pomegranate seeds and consume it. This will eliminate the problem of stomach pain.

Foods to increase appetite and digest food

If the appetite seems very low or there are digestive problems, pomegranate seeds are very beneficial. To increase appetite, prepare powder by taking rock salt, black pepper, cumin, asafetida in small amounts, and continue to consume it. To heal digestion, mix a teaspoon of cumin and cane sugar in 3 teaspoons of pomegranate juice and eat after meals. This will improve digestion and all digestive problems will be cured.

Pomegranate peel, an effective medicine against worm disease

Using pomegranate peel is a very effective recipe for eliminating stomach worms. This problem is very common in children. To remove it, give a spoonful of the dried pomegranate peel powder 3 times a day for a few days. This will eliminate stomach worms. Using this powder during piles or excessive bleeding during menstruation will also benefit.

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Pomegranate peels that help improve the beauty of the face

To enhance the beauty of the face, make a paste by mixing fine pomegranate peel powder in rose water. Apply this paste regularly before going to bed and wash the face in the morning. This will get rid of facial spots, blemishes, and freckles.



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