These 5 Mistakes Women Make While Wearing Saree Know The Right Way To Wear Saree. Every woman looks different by wearing a saree.

Wearing a saree has different methods and practices depending on the place. Wearing a saree is not an easy task. If not worn properly, it starts to look very bad.

Saree is a garment of Indian tradition that every girl likes. As modern as it has become, the tradition of wearing a saree is still not old. By wearing a sari, every girl is seen as a complete woman, expressing faith, respect for culture, and beliefs. The saree is usually worn by women at weddings, pujas, and other ceremonies. Wearing a saree gives a different look to every woman. The style of wearing a saree has changed with age, but the look that comes out may not go away even when the departments are gone.


Be it a glamour world or politics, saree has become a symbol of individual nature. Bollywood has increased the trend of wearing sarees all over the world. Many actresses like Kangana Ranaut, Rekha, and Vidya Balan are known for their love of saree. Besides, there is a different way and practice to wear a saree depending on the place. Wearing a saree is not an easy task. If not worn properly, it starts to look very bad. Let’s tell you the correct way to wear a saree that enhances the look of the saree and you.

Image by Satya Tiwari from Pixabay

Don’t wear too much jewelry
While wearing a saree, make sure you don’t have too much jewelry with you. Wear jewelry according to saree. If the saree is heavy and shiny then jewelry should be worn sparingly. Never wear jewelry so often that sarees are not seen. Often times, the color and design of the saree are hidden by wearing more jewelry. In such a situation, wearing a saree becomes useless.

Choose the right way to wear a saree

Never wear a saree after seeing someone. First, go to the method of wearing it, practice and walk carrying. According to the waist, there is a different look when wearing the saree. So keep in mind how high and low it is to be tied at the waist. Tie it above or below the belly button for a different look as well. So always wear the saree well.

Wear the right handbags and bags
Not only is wearing a saree a big deal, but it also matters how hand press or bags go with it. If the saree is new, the bag must be new too. If possible, wear hand parts in the color of the saree.

Perfect sleepers with saree
As everyone knows, after wearing a saree, the feet do not appear below, but still, you should choose such slippers or sandals to match the saree. If there is a foot bear to go with the saree then it will be some kind of a cherry on the look of the saree.

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Correct selection of blouse
Beautiful sarees look useless without good blouses too. If the blouse matches the similarity of the saree, the look of the saree comes out. The fit of the blouse should also be correct according to the saree. Apart from the blouse, another important part of the saree is the petticoat. Also, choose the petticoat according to the saree. Different colored sarees and petticoats shouldn’t be there. Disclaimer: The information and information in this article are based on general information. does not confirm these. Please contact the relevant specialist before implementing them.



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