The risk of a bad effect on the eyes of the mobile is double as with the laptop, keep these things with the experts to avoid itching and headaches

What is myopia? Online School Classes Risks and Children; Know how to protect your child’s eyes Everything you need to know from an expert

The risk of a bad effect on the eyes of the mobile is double as with the laptop, keep these things with the experts to avoid itching and headaches
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  • Often such symptoms begin to appear in the evening, and not during the day, and headaches, fatigue in the eyes.
  • When studying online, keep in mind that the distance from the gadget to the lights and eyes in the room should be sufficient

Amid growing corona cases, education is being done from home. Minor carelessness during online classes lasting several hours is to increase itching, redness, blemishes, and headaches. Scientists say that if this situation persists for a long time, myopia can occur. If you also study online, it is important to keep a number of things in mind so that the eyesight is not affected and the irritability caused by the headache can be prevented. If the children are small it is important for parents to monitor them, if such symptoms occur, contact the doctor.


How to deal with this problem of the eyes …

Questions that will warn you

1. Why is mobile more dangerous than a laptop, what is the reason?

  • Reason 1: Mobile is always closer to the eye than a laptop, so the effect is even greater.
  • Second reason: The small screen of the mobile puts more emphasis on the eyes. The blue light emitted from this leaves the worst effect because it is closest to the eyes.
  • Third reason: In most houses, there are only one or two laptops, this is distributed to most people, but everyone has a mobile phone. That is why it is also used more.

The person forgets to blink the eyelids continuously while using the gadget, this habit helps to increase its bad effect. This causes dryness in the eyes. If you’re not paying attention, other symptoms will start to appear along the way. The more hours you use them, the worse the effect on the eyes will be.

2. What are the symptoms when you are warned?
Be alert if you have problems such as eye strain, itching, tiredness, redness, watery, blurry appearance. These are symptoms of digital eye strain. If this situation persists for a long time, you will start to complain of headaches, vomiting, and irritability.

Some people may also experience symptoms such as dizziness, difficulty focusing on the eyes, having two images of the same thing. Often this makes no sense, because at the beginning of the day everything seems normal, following online classes during the day, the brain continues to distract. But by the evening the effect begins to appear.

3. How to understand that the eyes are affected?
The blue light that comes from digital gadgets constantly shines on the eyes, the first cause stagnation, and then the muscles are stressed. Eyes become weak for a long time. Their distance vision is more fragile, it is called myopia. If this happens continuously, glasses can be fitted and the number of glasses already placed can increase.

4. If the use of gadgets in children continues to increase in this way, 50 percent of children will get glasses by 2050, according to a recent study.

5. How do you ensure that you do not continuously follow online lessons?

If there are no online classes and studying from mobile, look at eyes up to 20 feet every 20 minutes for 20 seconds. Then you can go back to college. Wash the eyes with water 4-5 times a day.

6. What is the distance from gadgets?

  • There should be a minimum distance of 26 inches between the laptop screen and the eyes.
  • If using cellular, this distance should be 14 inches. However, it also depends on the length of the hands.
  • Keep the brightness and contrast of the screen low so that the eyes are not overly strained.
  • It is better to have an anti-reflective glass on the screen or set up an anti-reflective glass yourself.
  • Make sure that the letters that appear on the screen are three times the size of the frequently read letters.
The risk of a bad effect on the eyes of the mobile is double as with the laptop, keep these things with the experts to avoid itching and headaches

                                              Wash Your Eyes

7. Now talk about those who are engaged in video games?
Most children play video games on cell phones or other gadgets by turning off the lights at night for fear of their parents. This is the most dangerous situation because the dark light from the gadget directly affects the eyes due to the darkness in the room. As a result, the symptoms of insomnia increase at night, feeling of heaviness in the body in the morning, waking up, and feeling of a headache.

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