Everyone knows that water is very useful for our bodies. Drinking water is most important for keeping the body hydrated properly. Drinking a sufficient amount of water does not cause obesity and there are no stomach-related diseases. People drink water anytime. Which causes many problems. But you will be surprised to know that drinking water is also the right time and way. How to drink water so that the body remains hydrated and provides necessary benefits. So let’s know …

The right way to drink water-Want to stay fit always, so make these very important changes in the way you drink water

How to drink water?
According to Ayurveda, water should never be gulped or drunk in the same breath because our saliva goes inside our body along with water while drinking water. Saliva only serves to strengthen our digestive system. If there are many such healthy bacteria in saliva, it is beneficial for the stomach. That is why it is considered the right to drink water slowly or sip.


Standing and drinking water is harmful
According to Ayurveda and researchers, water should never be standing and drinking. If you stand and drink water, then the water goes straight and fast in the lower abdomen. Due to which the body does not get an adequate amount of nutrients in the water. In this way, drinking water can cause knee pain. Digestive problems may occur. There may be an obstacle to staying hydrated.

The right way to drink water
If possible, avoid drinking water directly from the bottle and drink it by adding water to the glass itself.
When you are sick, drink plenty of water.

Right time to drink water
– Two glasses of water should be drunk after getting up in the morning.
– Water should be drunk about half an hour before meals, because of which the food is easily digested. Avoid water intake for half an hour after meals.
-Drink water before sleeping. By doing this, the risk of heart attack is reduced.
– Drinking a glass of water before and after exercising does not cause dehydration. Along with this, the water that sweats after the workout fulfills its deficiency.

This article is only for information purpose.please take the doctors advice



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