The Most Powerful Thing In The World

The Most Powerful Thing In The World

All the students used to study together in Gurukul, once their teacher gave them a topic of discussion, on which everyone was to join together in that discussion.

The topic of discussion was- what is the most powerful thing in this world!


Many hours passed but the disciples were still engaged in the discussion, they were all confused. And now when no decision came out, all of them went to their teacher and with the frustrated heart, they bowed their head in front of him.

Seeing all the students like this, Acharya was very angry and said – now why have you come here, do not waste my time and go away from here.

Acharya was very quiet in nature, all his disciples were shocked to see Acharya’s behavior, and all of them started criticizing after leaving Acharya from there. Someone said- “Our Acharyas are very bad, they should not say such things” So someone said – they do not deserve to be our Guru, someone shouts at his disciple like this “

The Most Powerful Thing In The World

After some time passed, Acharya reached among his disciples and said- “Disciples! You are all such great people who are discussing together even on holiday, I am proud of you all. “

There was a smile on the faces of all the disciples as everyone loves their praise.

After this, Guruji explained to all the disciples, – Dear disciples, my behavior today must have seemed strange to you, but I did it intentionally .. When I was angry with you, you all criticized me but when I praised you So you all became happy.

In fact, there is a no more powerful thing in this world than speech. Therefore every person should think and use his speech.

All the disciples got very good learning from their teacher today .

Friends, speech is very powerful, so we should always use it properly.

Due to speech, there are big fights and it is due to this speech that those fights are put to sleep.

Therefore it would be better that we bring sweetness in our speech and make this life pleasant.

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