When urinary acid, calcium, oxalate, the amount of stone-forming substances in the urine starts to exceed the requirement, and when the kidneys are unable to get out, then they start collecting in the kidneys, which slowly take the form of stones. Let’s do it. Kidney stone problems can occur when the amount of calcium in the body is high. Drinking less water, urine infection, stopping urination, and taking urine medicines makes the possibility of kidney stones. Increased cholesterol may be the main cause of gallstones.

The cause of kidney stones, and how to get rid of it.

Kidney Stone has become a common problem these days. Improper diet and drinking less water is an important cause of kidney stones. Knowing this, we do not care about our kidneys and their safety. Kidney stones can be caused by many things, such as an unhealthy lifestyle, an unhealthy diet, or not eating clean foods. To get rid of this problem, it is better not only to be treated but also need particular attention should be paid to food and drink. Let us know again which foods should be included in the diet for people with kidney stones.



The easiest way to avoid kidney stones is to drink plenty of water. There will be no shortage of water in your body and your kidneys will be safe too. Doctors also recommend drinking 10-12 glasses of water daily. This easily removes dirt from the body. Drink only clean water.

Lemon juice

Citrate, an element found in lemons, helps break down calcium deposits and slows down the growth process. You can take lemon juice every day after meals or include it in your regular diet.

coconut water

Consuming coconut water may also be beneficial for patients with kidney stones, as it is not only rich in fiber, but also has a special anti-pathogenic effect that can be used to prevent a high risk of kidney stones. is an. It is considered useful.

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Herbal tea

Herbal tea can also be considered beneficial for reducing the risk of serious problems such as kidney stones. Herbal tea has properties of preventing the formation of kidney stones, which means that drinking herbal tea can prevent the growth of kidney stones.

The cause of kidney stones, and how to get rid of it


Basil leaves contain certain elements that stabilize uric acid levels. Because of this, kidney stones cannot form. Basil also contains acetic acid, which helps dissolve and flush kidney stones. Drinking one teaspoon of basil juice daily can cause kidney stones.



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