Success Story- Usain Bolt


Success Story- Usain Bolt-In the World Athletics Championship held in Berlin in the year 2009, Usain Bolt shocked the world by breaking his own world records in 100 M and 200 M races and setting a new record of 9.50 and 19.19 seconds.

The childhood story of the world’s fastest runner, by his mother’s words..

This story is of a person who has reached heim from the floor. The story of the person who used to play cricket in childhood, but today is making a splash in athletics and has become the world’s fastest runner. You know him by the name of Usain Bolt, but for me, he is my favorite son. My husband runs a small shop in Wellesley village, so Usain was not able to get sports shoes in his childhood. The school management got him these shoes, which made his training speed up.


Usain was born in Trelawny Parrish (Sherwood Content), a small village in Jamaica, where there were no streetlights and no drinking water. Where the elderly still sit on the donkey and move around and people have to line up in front of the public tap for drinking water.

Success Story-Usain Bolt
Usain Bolt

He was hyperactive in childhood. When he was three weeks old, I lay him on the bed and went out of the room. When I entered the room, I saw that he had fallen out of bed, but was trying to climb on it. At the same time, I realized that this is not an ordinary child. He was born a week and a half later. I think so. His pace must have been slow at that time only.

My father first noted that there is something special in this child. From then on I started paying attention to Usain’s food. We were admitted by Usain at the William Knibb School. The principal Lon Thop there told us after a few days that our son is very good in sports, so the school will also take care of his training. When Usain became the champion in Beijing, Thop was delighted. After the record was made at the Beijing Olympics, after that success the village spent a lot of money. see Wikipedia.



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