We spend most of our childhood time between siblings. Parents also like to spend more time with their siblings. Since there is no big difference in age, playing together, having fun, etc. are only seen in siblings (brothers and sisters). This relationship lasts the longest in a person’s life. For a while this sport and fun are fun, but later it starts to fall short. There are many reasons, other than siblings, that turn you away from parents. There may be reasons for school, college, and career, etc. Sometimes someone has to leave the country because of work or study. All these circumstances turn the brother away from the brother or from the sister. Even after all this, here are some tips for keeping this childhood relationship between siblings firm that you can use.

Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

Regular conversation
Things like e-mail, messages, etc. continue, but regular interaction gives strength to any relationship. If you are given free time, talking to your brother and sister on the phone will help you talk about old things and fun as well as about time. You can talk once or twice a week. You can also stay connected with them (siblings) while talking using the video calling app. Your relationship will always remain with this.

Talking in person is empowering in any relationship. Once you get the chance in the holidays, you can plan to meet and meet your siblings. By going there, you can spend more quality time. This will always make the relationship unbreakable. Sometimes you go and sometimes you call them (brothers and sisters) to you. It will not be known that you are far away.

Share problems
It’s common for younger siblings to fear sharing things with their older brother, but this shouldn’t happen. If there is a problem, it must be shared. If you are not at home and your older sibling is at home, he will certainly try to find a solution to your problem.


Create a family blog
Create a family blog and ask each member to write a post during the week. Six months or a year, until you can meet your brother and sister, try to stay close this way. When it comes to writing, talk about what’s going on in your life. Post a photo or video. By the end of the year, your brothers and sisters will have a lot to look back on in this blog.

Go for a walk
You can make a travel plan together once a year. It is better to do this with your own family than to form a business with others. In addition to siblings, parents can also be taken for a walk.



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