There are reports of the resumption of Human Trials, an anti-corona vaccine developed by Oxford University in conjunction with pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical company Serum Institute, which is a partner in the production of this vaccine in India, is also in the final stages of obtaining approval for the trial with this potential vaccine. On the other hand, the UK health department called the news of the resumption of the trial ‘good news’, then the discussion is why it is so important.

Potential vaccine studies of OXFORD are halting and resuming
Potential vaccine studies of OXFORD are halting and resuming

A potential vaccine trial was recently halted after a volunteer in the UK involved in a vaccine trial fell ill. However, after two days this trial is done to recheck the effect of the vaccine Approval to start But the trial of this vaccine, leading the race to fight Kovid 19 in the world, caused a wave of disappointment and fear.


Do you want to stop a vaccine study?
According to experts, reports have said that preventing the trial with this vaccine under the safety protocol, when the side effects are seen, demonstrates the mentality of not being in a hurry and making wise decisions, even in times of crisis. According to Dr. Shirley Summers of the University of Cambridge, Oxford’s decision to deteriorate a volunteer’s health proves the priority of safety.

The vaccine studies in Oxford are at an advanced stage. (Photo file)

Why is this vaccine important?
Oxford’s potential vaccine is the leader in all vaccines worldwide, which are at various stages of testing. Trials of about a dozen potential vaccines in the world are currently at an advanced stage. Dr. Summers says the need to develop a vaccine and treatment that people can rely on and that is truly safe for humans still exists during the time of the Kovid 19 pandemic, so safety is the priority, not in a hurry. must become

Is it common for a vaccine study to be interrupted?
Such things still happen in the manufacture of a medicine or vaccine. The World Health Organization and scientists have already said this is a long process and very headache. Even earlier, this Oxford and AstraZeneca vaccine was withheld from the trial for several days in July because a person had serious side effects, but it was later claimed that the disease was not related to the vaccine.

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However, vaccine manufacturers now say it will be normal for some people to feel unwell in this large-scale trial, although their health will be closely monitored.

How many people will be vaccinated after the trial?
According to the news to come, AstraZeneca has still expressed hope that the vaccine will be available to people by the end of this year or early next year. The trials currently underway involve about 18,000 people in Great Britain, Brazil, and South Africa, and about 30,000 volunteers are prepared for these trials in the US.



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