In cold weather, dry skin often occurs, as well as the effect of dryness on the lips. Therefore, it is important to take care of the skin as well as the lips during the cold season to keep them soft and smooth, and also to avoid problems with roughness and dry lips. Learn how to care for your lips this season:-

Lip care tips in winter
  • If you want to keep your lips healthy throughout the season, rub the soaked rose leaves onto your lips regularly for a while. This will give your lips a natural, pink aura or you can use a few drops of rose water mix with honey to apply on your dry lips.
  • Pour 2-3 drops of mustard, or coconut oil into your navel before bed. This will keep your lips soft and you will feel relieved if they are chapped.
  • In cold weather, there should be no effect on the lips, for that the body shouldn’t lack a complex of vitamins A and B. For this, include green vegetables, milk, butter, fresh fruits, and juices in your daily diet.

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  • In winter, due to the low temperature, thirst appears less, but, despite this, you need to continue to drink water constantly so that moisture remains on the lips and does not allow them to dry out.
  • Before going to bed at night apply a cream, butter on your lips for a while. This will keep the lip color soft. In winter days, using petroleum jelly or a cleansing cream before bed will also help.
  • Pomegranate naturally turns lips pink by returning moisture to the lips. To do this, grind some pomegranate seeds. Then mix milk and a few drops of rose water and apply this mixture on your lips.


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