Keep these tips in mind while waxing, Best tips-2021

These tips will be of great use to protect you from the pain, irritation, and itching caused by waxing on more sensitive skin.

Nowadays it is common to get waxing done. Girls and women get waxed from time to time to make the skin look soft and beautiful. But many are afraid of getting waxed because of itching and burning. In such a situation, razor or hair removing cream has to be used. Let’s know some tips that will enable you to wax well and feel beautiful and soft skin without any irritation and pain.

Keep these tips in mind while waxing, Best  tips-2021 photo created by valuavitaly

Many times itching and burning sensation occurs after waxing due to sensitive skin. Sometimes skin rashes also occur. In this case, applying astringent gives some relief, but only for a short time.
Many of these rashes occur so much that itching starts on the skin and it causes more irritation. Some people also come out with Watts. So to avoid this, keep in mind some of the following important things while doing wax


Testing is very important
Whenever you go to a beauty parlor to get waxing done, first test the wax. Try using any beauty product on your skin. Here you need to know that there are two types of wax – hard wax and soft wax.

Keep these tips in mind while waxing, Best  tips-2021

Hard wax is most commonly used for deep-routed hair, as it melts at very low temperatures. When you apply it to your skin, it easily spreads on the skin. If you have thick or high hair on your skin, then hard wax will be good for your skin. Otherwise, you can use soft wax.

Natural wax is the best
Use natural wax to avoid skin allergies and rashes. Italian wax is a good gem in natural wax. It is a good choice for those with delicate and soft skin. The use of Italian wax relieves the skin from itching and burning after waxing.

It is completely natural wax. It costs you a little compared to normal wax, but it has many advantages. It is made by mixing olive oil and glycerin. It is a soluble wax. Its special thing is that it is painless. This makes the chemical reaction less likely. (Keep these tips in mind while waxing, Best tips-2021)

Keep these tips in mind while waxing, Best  tips-2021

It has titanium for normal skin, chocolate and strawberry for dry skin, coconut and olive oil for very dry skin, and honey milk, aloe vera, and green apple for sensitive skin.

Homemade wax
You don’t need to do much to make Home Made Wax. You can prepare it at home in two easy ways. One from sugar and the other from B Wax and Rozin. If you have a skin allergy to wax, then you should use homemade wax only.

Sugar wax
If you have a wax machine, you can make it even more easily. Full arms waxing requires 250 grams of sugar, a large lemon, and 2 cups. Now pour water first into the waxing machine or a pan. Add water as soon as the water is hot. Keep stirring until it melts to form a syrup.

Now turn off the heat and add lemon juice to it. Lemon juice skin acts as vitamin-C. It prevents itching and burning after waxing. Tea tree oil or lemon peels i.e. lemon peel can also be added to it for fragrance. After cooling the wax for skin dry, add glycerin to it.

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Bee wax and rosin
B wax and rosin are easily available from the chemist shop or beauty shop. B-wax is non-toxic. This hurts neither you nor the environment. (Keep these tips in mind while waxing, Best tips-2021)

For this, mix one-quarter cup of B-wax and 2 tablespoons rosin in the machine. Keep stirring it until it melts and becomes wax. Skin wax will remain healthy with B wax, but hair growth will also be reduced.

Skin-friendly strips
After the selection of the wax comes the strips. Strips always use denim. Not only are they cheap, but they are also re-cycled. You can use them again by washing them.

While disposable strips are easy to carry. But it is not good for the environment and is expensive. Strips made of denim are always skin-friendly. It becomes soft with frequent use. (Keep these tips in mind while waxing, Best tips-2021)

Trim hair
If your hair is long and hard, trim them a little first. Deep-rooted hair often leads to break hair and boils after waxing. To avoid this problem, trim the hair with a trimmer. Then wax it after that. Keep these things in mind while waxing, there will be no skin rashes and pain. (Keep these tips in mind while waxing, Best tips-2021)

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Tone the skin
Make toner at home. Dip green tea in water overnight. The next day filter it and fill it in a bottle. Add lemon juice to reserve. Glycerin rose water and lemon toner can also be used.
Massage with toner before waxing. This will not make you itch after waxing. Apply waxing bari aloe vera gel. Aloe vera heals skin burns.

If you keep these things in mind, then you will not have a problem with skin rash after waxing. Never apply too much wax at once. Due to this, there are chances of skin burn. Apply a little wax to the spatula.
Always check if it is too hot before applying wax. Always apply wax in the direction of hair growth. After applying the wax, pull the strip towards the reverse direction of hair growth. Originally posted here


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