When your body does not get the iron needed for iron, it affects your whole life. Which can cause anemia in your body. Symptoms of anemia include laziness, dizziness, headache, etc. Iron is very important in making hemoglobin. What is hemoglobin? Hemoglobin is a protein or iron protein found in blood cells. It works to bring oxygen to every part of the body. This process is very important for the whole body to function properly. With the help of a diet rich in iron, you can increase the amount of iron in your body. With this, you can also eat meat, seafood, leafy vegetables, and nuts and to cope with iron deficiency, so let us tell you today about some nuts that help increase hemoglobin in your body.

Iron is very important to increase hemoglobin, eat these 5 nuts

Eat cashew
Most of the iron is found in cashew nuts. One ounce of cashew contains approximately 1.89mg of iron. So, when you feel hungry, eat a handful of nuts, not junk food. For both sweetness and nutrients. You can also eat them as a salad, add them a little or add them to the curry.

Eat peanuts
In winter, peanuts are very popular. It contains a lot of nutrients and iron. One nut peanuts contain about 1.3 milligrams of minerals. You can eat it by including it in every meal.

Iron is very important to increase hemoglobin, eat these 5 nuts

Eat pistachios
People like to eat pistachios a lot. It is used in many Indian sweets and desserts. You get about 1.11 mg of iron per ounce of pistachios. So add this sweet and savory nut to your daily diet.


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Eat almonds
Almonds are a nutritional value. That is why this is to advice advised us to eat dipped almonds every day. One ounce of almonds yields about 1.05 milligrams of iron. For this reason, many people also like to eat almond milk and almond butter.

Iron is very important to increase hemoglobin, eat these 5 nuts

Eat walnuts
Walnuts are very nutty nut, so you should include them in your daily diet. You can eat them with pie, cake, biscuits. One ounce of nuts gives you 0.82 mg of iron.



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