Include these things in the diet in cold weather, many diseases will stay away

During the winter season, the temperature continues to drop down, so our metabolic activities become slow down, the overall energy levels are a little low. The winter season comes with cold and flu viral illnesses. The number of viral diseases increases during winters Therefore, in view of this, it is very important to maintain proper health during all times and to ensure that you stay disease-free this winter.

In such a situation, it is important to pay attention to the right and healthy diet to avoid diseases. Therefore, during cold weather, some such things should be included in the diet which can keep the body naturally warm and boost immunity. Many diseases can be avoided by including these foods in the diet.


Dry fruits
Dried nuts are used in the winter season. Consumption of date palm along with hot milk in the cold is also very beneficial. At the same time, figs are also very beneficial for health. Both of these are found in plenty of calcium and iron and the body also gets energy from their intake.

Millet is considered a winter superfood because it is warm in nature. This can be done in a diet to protect the body from cold. A lot of fiber is found in millet which is beneficial to keep digestion healthy. The muscles also get strength by its use.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables
In winter, green vegetables should be used along with the use of seasonal fruits like guava, oranges. Vegetables can include soya, fenugreek, carrots, peas in the diet. They also help in increasing immunity.

Include these things in the diet in cold weather, many diseases will stay away

Desi Ghee and Honey
There is a lot of unsaturated fat in Indian ghee which keeps our body warm and also gives it energy. There is not much feeling of cold with the use of ghee. At the same time, honey is warm and it protects the body from cold.

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Sesame is very beneficial in cold weather. Ingredients and vitamins that reduce tension and depression are found in sesame. It contains Vitamin E and fatty acids which help in keeping many diseases away in winter. Also, it is very beneficial for the strength of bones and skin. Use of white sesame in winter is recommended.

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Tulsi, ginger, and garlic
As we all know Basil(tulsi) leaves have multiple benefits. Basil leaves have anti-bacterial, anti-biotic, and anti-viral properties that help in keeping the body healthy. You can add this natural herb in your teas, and also make a decoction. On the other hand, ginger and garlic can be used in many ways in winters like making ginger tea and garlic paste is used for digestion and gastric problems mainly in winters. Ginger tea is beneficial if you have a bad throat.



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