Eye sight problems are common these days. There are many cases of weak eyesight due to malnutrition or inheritance. Eyes are precious. In this fast lifestyle, we are unable to take care of our eyes. But it is important that before the time we take care of our eyes in some simple way, so that we do not fall prey to blindness

Eat for the eyes

As age increases, macular degeneration can become your biggest problem. Antioxidants help reduce macular degeneration. So eat foods such as eggs, pumpkin, carrots, dark greens, and sweet potatoes. However, vitamin A is not the only vitamin that contributes to healthy eye function. Make sure you include foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, copper, and zinc in your diet.Fish is also good for the eyes.

Exercise for the eyes


Since the eyes have muscles, they can use some exercise to stay in good shape. Eye exercises are great if done in the morning when your eyes are tired and before bed. If you are consistent for a month, you may start to notice a difference. Rub your eyes gentaly with your fingers for five seconds. it can help your eye muscles.

Exercises for the whole body for vision

Exercising for at least twenty minutes a day is beneficial for the entire body, including the eyes. Improving blood circulation is beneficial for the small blood vessels in the eyes as it removes harmful substances that may have been deposited. Exercise should not be intense. A quick walk is actually enough.

Rest for the eyes

It is helpful to close your eyes for just a few minutes. You can do this once an hour, or many times when you work hard. And if your job involves sitting at a computer or reading, closing your eyes can be refreshing. As simple as it sounds, this exercise can protect your eyes from overexertion or fatigue.

Get enough sleep

It’s not enough to let your eyes rest for a couple of minutes. Your body requires regular restful sleep. When your body gets enough rest, your eyes are refreshed. If you are engaged in intense visual activity, such as working on a computer or reading a book, short breaks help your eyes to a great extent, as they give them a chance to rest.

Avoid smoking

In addition to being unhealthy for many reasons, smoking can contribute to blindness. Smoking can increase your chances of developing cataracts and cause age-related macular degeneration (AMD). In addition, smoking can reduce the amount of antioxidants beneficial to the eyes.

Check your eyesight regularly

Most people wait until they have vision problems to get tested. Sometimes it’s too late. An early eye exam can help diagnose problems before they become serious. In fact, most visual defects can be corrected with early detection.



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