Blisters, scrapes, scratches, wounds are all part of life and people are not too worried about them. They wear bandages that the antibiotic cream works for them. But if a person has diabetes, a simple scratch or cut can cause serious problems. According to experts, if a cut or a rash on the skin is not treated, it can cause serious, long-term infection. In some severe cases, the patient’s limb may also be amputated.

If you have diabetes, take care of wounds

When a person has diabetes, it takes a long time for the wounds to heal. In fact, when blood sugar rises, it will take a long time for the wounds to heal. But the good news is that you can reduce these problems quickly. For this, it is important to know how to take care of the wound.


Check the wounds regularly

It should be a part of our daily life. Examine your body carefully to see if there are any cuts, not blisters or blisters. If there is no sensitivity to the feet, extra caution should be used for this. Diabetes is a common occurrence. If there is a wound or friction on another part of the body, you should give first aid. If it does not work, then there is a need for medical attention. If it is difficult to see or reach the feet, ask someone to examine your feet, or use a mirror to look under your feet.

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Don’t Ignore dressing

Proper dressing is important for any wound and should be changed regularly. This will help the wound to heal faster as clean and proper clothing keeps moisture around the wound. Failure to do so will delay recovery. It also increases the risk of infection. Learn how to do this well with your doctor.

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Keep blood sugar levels maintained

When blood sugar rises, it takes a long time for the wounds to heal. Therefore, it should be kept under control. If you can do this, it will speed up the healing process. It would be better to have a healthy diet. To meet the daily needs of protein, vitamins, minerals, and zinc in the diet. Eat foods rich in vitamin C. All of this helps maintain blood sugar levels and heals wounds very quickly.

If you have diabetes, then take care of wounds

Exercise regularly

According to experts, exercise improves blood circulation. It improves blood flow to the feet and the problem of numbness disappears. So exercise every day. This does not require going to the gym, instead of walking, doing yoga, or exercising at home. Any physical activity will help.

[Consult a qualified physician before taking any measures]



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