Clone of endangered horse species born from DNA stored for 40 years, DNA sample named Kurt

►The DNA sample from the horse born in 1975 was kept in 1980.

►With the help of surrogacy, a new horse Kurt was born from the same sample, there are less than 2000 horses of this kind worldwide.


For the first time, scientists have prepared a horse of the Przewalski species from 40-year-old DNA. It’s called Kurt. It is the last kind of wild horse. Kurt was born at Timber Creek Veterinary in Texas on August 6 using surrogacy. Przewalski is an endangered species. The DNA sample from Kurt’s ancestor Kuprovoys was preserved in 1980.

This species was seen in the forests in 1969

Scientists say Kurt will help increase his species and promote genetic diversity. About 40 years ago, horses of this species appeared in zoos and game parks. Worldwide there are less than two thousand horses of this kind. He was last seen walking in the woods in 1969.

Kurt’s ancestor was born in Great Britain and grew up in America.

Santiago Xu Global has experimented with the Revive and Restore institute to give birth to Kurt. According to Sandiego Xu Global, the ancestor whose DNA sample Kurt was drawn was born in Great Britain in 1975. He was later transferred to the US in 1978. Before his death in 1998, DNA was preserved in the Santiago Ju Global Frozen Ju.

Clone of endangered horse species born from DNA stored for 40 years,  DNA sample named Kurt

The species can be saved by cloning techniques

Ryan Phelan, director of the Revive and Restore institution, says advanced reproductive technology ‘cloning’ has led Kurt to help save species on the brink of extinction. They can be brought back with the help of their closest ancestor.

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Now Kurt is responsible for saving his kind

According to Chief Science Officer Sean Valker, Kurt is healthy and is receiving milk from a surrogate mother. When Kurt gets older, he is sent to San Diego Zoo Safari. By including it here in the breeding program, more horses of this species can be born.



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