How to get rid of skin irritation by wearing masks for a long time: Health Tips

►Wearing masks for long periods of time is prone to cause skin problems.
►With a few remedies, you can save yourself from the trouble caused by the mask.

Wearing masks during the Corona Virus epidemic has become necessary to avoid infection. Health workers wear masks on patients while adopting certain procedures. But sometimes they have to wear masks for a long time while others also need to wear masks during work. Wearing a mask when it is routine can cause problems with masking your skin. Masking has become a new prevalent term in the era of masks against Kovid-19.


According to dermatologists, masks caused by wearing masks are called masks. Health workers should wear tight-fitting masks to prevent the coronavirus fraction. According to experts, the border of the mask is more affected, so people should apply an oval red outline mask. Long-term use of masks can cause scratches, cuts, redness, burning, pimples. Even applying lotion or cream can cause irritation.

How does a face mask cause skin irritation?
First, direct rubbing can cause skin carriers to manipulate, irritate, and swell. Secondly, perspiration from the skin, oil, and dust masks of the external environment is stored. Because the mask remains on the skin, due to this, problems such as irritation and itching from moisture and dust started.

Skin damage associated with masks in only a few people

Generally, the skin balances with the external air. When the surrounding air becomes too dry or moist, skin problems start to emerge in a person.

Tips for long mask masks

►Make sure your mask covers the nose and mouth. But don’t be so tight that it starts scratching your skin.
►Wash your face twice a day with soft soap and water.

►If you are not associated with the medical profession, do not apply masks for a long time. Do not remove the mask or wear it at home.

►As soon as the mask starts to get wet, change it immediately.

►If you are going for a long time, then keep the extra mask with you. On reaching home, collect the masks used in plastic bags.

►Clean the cotton face mask with warm water and laundry soap. Apply a thick layer of moisturizer causing fewer allergies after wearing and removing masks.

►While applying the mask, ignore ointment-based moisturizer as it increases the risk of oily and sweat getting collected.

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