While you pay attention to the beauty of the face, you forget to take care of your feet. Along with the face, the legs also play an important role in maintaining physical attractiveness. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to foot-related problems as well. It is often seen that women are very tired of cracked ankles. Broken heels also burn the light of beautiful chappels and sandals, so let us tell you today about some home remedies for treating broken ankles.

Home remedies to cure foot cracks and heel, get beautiful and soft feet
Home remedies to cure foot cracks and heel, get beautiful and soft feet

Sesame oil
Sesame oil acts as an ankle remedy. It also has antimicrobial properties and many nutrients that penetrate the skin and heal. This is the best way to repair the skin. Massage the ankles with sesame oil before bed at night and wash in the morning with warm water.

Vitamin E capsule
You can easily get Vitamin E pills from any medical store at a low price. Open this capsule before going to bed at night, drain its oil and rub it on your ankles, and massage for seconds. It nourishes the skin, as well as hydrates. This will make your torn heels soften and soften sooner.

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Use of pumice stone
Pumice stone is a stone that helps to cleanse your skin. With this help, you can cleanse the layer of your thick and supple skin. It is used for scrubs, cracked ankles, and many skin problems. The stone removes dead skin and helps to soothe cracked ankles. For this, immerse your ankles by adding water to the bucket or tub. Add shampoo to it and make clots to soak your feet in this water for a while. After this, rub your feet lightly with a pumice stone. Apart from this, you can also apply it on your feet by mixing 1 teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of olive oil. Do this every day for the second or third day, and soon you will find relief from sore ankles.

Oil massage
With broken ankles, massage your feet thoroughly before going to bed every night. After this, wash your feet before going to bed at night. Then mix equal amounts of olive, castor, and almond oil and rub your feet. After Malis, wear small socks on your feet. By doing this regularly, your torn ankles will soon fill up.


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Make honey and banana paste
To quickly fix creak heels, you should apply a mask of banana and honey. For this, grease a ripe banana and add 2 teaspoons of honey to it. You can also add avocados to it. This pack is thick, so use it on your torn ankles. Let it for 30 minutes. It works as a natural moisturizer and treats cracked ankles.

Benefits of honey and banana paste
Honey has antibacterial properties that keep the skin moist and hydrated. Also, bananas also help to soften the skin. This helps to correct cracked ankles on your feet. This pack works to fill in the gaps in your ankles, heal wounds, and soften your ankles. With regular use, your heels are soft.

Home remedies to cure foot cracks and heel, get beautiful and soft feet
Home remedies to cure foot cracks and heel, get beautiful and soft feet

Use rose and milk
To treat broken ankles, you can also offer a foot bath. This will make your feet softer and your heels will soon heal. With this, you put a little hot water in a small bathtub, so that your heels are immersed in water. Then add 1 or half a cup of milk to it and add some rose petals and neem leaves. Add 4-5 drops of essential oil and dip your feet into it. Keep your feet in it for about 20 to 30 minutes and then rub your feet lightly. This helps to make the ankles softer by removing dead skin from your torn ankles.



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