Due to the prevailing coronavirus epidemic, working from home has completely affected people’s lifestyle and sleep routine. As a result of working from home, you even have a hard time disconnecting from work for a while and closing your eyes for a while. While on the one hand, you learn to live in the new world of social distancing, covering the face, and frequent hand washing, on the other hand, people all over the world are falling prey to poor sleep due to the deteriorating cycles and habits that your Health has a very negative effect, so let us tell you about this research in detail today.

What does the study say?
According to this study, the major changes in your lifestyle due to a coronavirus infection have had a major impact on the quality of your sleep. This study included opposing changes in participants’ sleep capacity, sleep time, sleep quality, and daytime sleepiness. This study included 121 men and women between the ages of 18 and 65. His sleeping habits were monitored for 40 days before and after quarantine. After collecting the data, their sleep quality was tested using the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) and their BMI was also recorded.

Research results
According to the study, all participants noted an increase in PSQI scores, which even showed poor sleep quality after quarantine. In this study, the effect of quarantine on sleep quality and body mass index was observed, as well as a deep correlation between poor sleep quality and more sleep.

Working from home affects sleep quality
According to the study, higher PSQI scores were found in those who mostly worked from home and used smart devices to work all day. According to the researchers, working on the screen at home for too long affects the quality of sleep and that plays a major role in poor sleep. The participants in this study also saw a decrease in their physical activity and during this coronavirus epidemic, an increase in the consumption of unhealthy foods was also noted.


What should be learned from this research
This study found that an increase in screen time, unhealthy eating habits, and a drastic reduction in physical activity affect your sleep cycle. Apart from this, the increased level of anxiety related to this infection has also played a big role in affecting your quality and sleep cycle. Today, you are making new general rules a part of your life, so it is important that you try to be aware of your sleep patterns and its possible disruptions.



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