Health Tips-These Indian breakfasts are more dangerous than foreign junk foods

Whenever it is about Indian catering and foreign catering, Indian catering is considered more healthy and balanced than western catering, because pulses, vegetables, cereals, nuts, jaggery, nuts pickles, etc. are used in Indian food. But when it comes to India’s well-known and much-loved breakfast, is the Indian breakfast still as healthy as its normal nutritious food. Usually, whenever it comes to the most unhealthy things, pizza, burgers, cold drinks, chowmins, noodles, etc. are named after everyone. But for your information, that there are some Indian snacks that can cause more harm to your body than these junk foods. In such a situation, it is our responsibility that today we should bring this news related to your health and how many Indian snacks can prove to be very dangerous.

Tikki chaat and golgappas shops are very popular street food. It is made after deep frying boiled potatoes in oil. Consuming tikki can be dangerous for you because it contains a lot of carbohydrates, starch, fat, and cholesterol which is not good for your body as well as the countryside of the heart. Overall, if too much oil, chili, and salt will be used to make any food item, it will be harmful to health.


Samosa, puri, kachori
Indian snacks are considered incomplete without samosa. Samosa is popular in almost all parts of India. Samosa is also a deep frying snack, whose upper layer is made with fine flour and the stuffing is done with pickled potatoes. Both potato and maida are considered harmful to health. Samosas contain too much fat and can increase cholesterol. In the same way, consuming too much of Puri (Pudi) and Kachori (Kachori) is not good in terms of health. Therefore, due to its consumption, you may have problems like obesity, cholesterol, stroke, cancer, heart attack.

Health Tips: These Indian breakfasts are more dangerous than foreign junk foods
Photo by Satyam Verma from Pexels

Pani-puri (golgappa)
Golgappa or Pani-Puri is probably one of the most popular street foods in India. You will find these golgappas in every area. In North India, you will find Golgappa’s street hawk, khomcha, or a handcart in every street corner, crossroads, market. Golgappas are delicious to eat as potatoes, peas, and sour-spicy water are added to them, but the consumption of Golgappas is also harmful to health. Long-term consumption of Golgappas is not good for health as they are also deep-fried. Apart from this, many times, golgappas found in the market are also made by adding acid to the water.

Dumplings, dumplings, bhajia
Other snacks like dumplings, dumplings, bhajia, and the like, which are usually made by mixing vegetables in gram flour, are of great interest to Indians. Especially in Uttar Pradesh, there is a lot of practice of eating pakoras, pakoras, etc. with tea. These snacks can be very harmful to your health as they are deep-fried in oil. At home, you can eat them occasionally, but eating them too much or buying them outside a confectionery can be very dangerous. In the long run, these foods can cause many diseases like obesity, cholesterol, heart attack, stroke, cancer.

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Chole bhature
Chole Bhature is very famous in North India especially Punjab, Delhi, UP, MP. Chickpeas are rich in protein, so are beneficial for health, but too much salt, spices, and oil are used to make chickpeas, so eating it in large amounts is not good for health. Apart from this, Bhatoor is made by deep-frying with fine flour. Since all-purpose flour is very greasy, eating chickpeas can be very dangerous for your health. It may cause acidity, constipation, heaviness in the stomach, obesity, cholesterol problem, heart problems, etc.



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