Health Tips-Not due to poor dieting or lack of exercise, these reasons are increasing your weight

Poor diet and lack of exercise are considered the two main reasons for weight gain. But let us tell you, there can be many other reasons for weight gain which people do not pay attention to. As a result, it becomes difficult to lose weight even after all the efforts. If you have also tried many ways to lose weight with the right diet and accessories, then maybe one of these 5 problems is the reason for your increasing weight, then let us know about them.

Health Tips: Not due to poor dieting or lack of exercise, these reasons are increasing your weight


lack of sleep

You will be surprised, but not sleeping properly may also be the reason for your increased weight. If you are not sleeping well and deep sleep every night, then you are promoting your obesity. The overall development of the body, production of hormones, etc. is more during sleep. In such a situation, if you do not sleep every day your body needs, then the level of hormones in the body will deteriorate, the growth of the body will be blocked and your weight will start increasing.

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Stress is also a major cause of weight gain. Some people feel that a person quits drinking in misery, so his body starts to weaken but this does not happen to everyone. Apart from this, the body releases cortisol hormone due to stress, which increases your appetite. Therefore, some people eat more under sorrow and stress due to which their weight increases rather than decrease. This usually happens when you are living in stress or depression for a long time.

High intake of fruit
By the way, fruits are considered healthy because they contain a good amount of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. But eating a lot of fruits can be harmful because, in addition to fiber, vitamins, and minerals, fruits also have high calories and sugar, which can increase your weight. So eat fruits but in limited quantities. According to scientists, you should eat 3 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.

Hormonal changes
There are many changes in the body of women with age, one of which is hormonal change. These changes are seen more during periods, pregnancy, menopause. Due to an imbalance of hormones, the metabolism of the body becomes slow due to which the body is not able to burn calories properly and extra calories start accumulating as fat in your body. To deal with hormonal changes, it is important that you seek medical help from your doctor and continue to exercise. Apart from this, meditation also has a good role in balancing hormones.

By eating more medicines
Medicines A person eats in sickness and helplessness. These medicines cure a person’s disease but sometimes their side effects are also seen on the body. There are many medicines, which can increase your weight by eating continuously, such as depression medicines, birth control pills, steroids, beta-blockers, etc. It is impossible to avoid the side effects of these drugs. So if you eat more medicines and your weight is increasing, then consult your doctor about it.



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