Health Tips-Never drink these two things together in green tea or else there will be loss instead of benefits

Green tea is rich in many natural antioxidants, which are very beneficial for your health. Most people consume it for their fitness and weight loss. Also, many minerals and nutrients are also found in it, which proves to be effective in protecting you from many diseases. But consuming too much of anything is very harmful to your health. Often people start drinking it after knowing its benefits, but due to incomplete information, they make many mistakes in its consumption, due to which their body starts to suffer harm rather than benefits, so let us show you the right way to drink green tea today. Going to tell

Why is Green Tea Beneficial?
Green tea is made from natural leaves without fermenting. It is rich in a number of powerful antioxidants like polyphenols etc. If you eat green tea regularly, it increases your metabolism, along it helps to burn more fat, which causes you to lose weight. But to reduce weight, apart from consuming green tea, you also need to make some changes in your lifestyle. According to research, getting green tea also reduces your stress level because it is full of elements that relax brain cells and tissues.


Health Tips: Never drink these two things together in green tea or else there will be loss instead of benefits

Excess intake of green tea is also harmful
Green tea is very easy to make, so people start drinking it after knowing that it is healthy. But drinking it in excess can also have side effects. If you consume too much of green tea at the wrong time, you are prone to problems like indigestion, heartburn, dysentery. Therefore, you should consume at most 3 cups of green tea in a day. But more than this, the consumption of green tea can not be considered good for your health.

Never mix these two things in green tea and drink
The green tea test is slightly bitter and faded. That’s why many people add white sugar or refined honey to it. Using white sugar increases the number of calories in your body and along with this, the benefits of consuming green tea, rather than harm, start. Apart from this, consuming refined or processed honey is also very harmful, because the amount of nutrients in such honey also decreases. You should always consume natural or organic honey with green tea. Apart from this, you should never consume milk in green tea. The benefits of green tea are reduced by consuming such. Therefore, you should use only water to make green tea.

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The right way to make green tea
To make it, you first heat the water and then turn off the gas and add green tea leaves or tea bags to it.
Green tea should never be boiled like black tea. To make this, water should not be boiled, but it should be heated to 70-90 degrees Celsius only. If you are making green tea using leaves, keep it in warm water for only 2 minutes and if left for tea bag for 4-5 minutes. Then filter it and take out the leaves or T-bag and consume it.

The right way to consume green tea
The best way to consume green tea is to drink it plain like it is prepared by adding it to water. But to improve its taste, you use only one teaspoon of organic or natural honey in it. Apart from this, you should only consume 2-3 cups of green tea a day.



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