Yogurt is considered very good for health. Yogurt is a regular part of most people’s diets. But do you know that eating some things with yogurt can be harmful? We tell you about those things.

If you have curd with food, then a different fun comes in the food. But do you know that there are as many benefits of eating curd, the same disadvantage if it is eaten with the wrong food? According to Ayurveda, curd should never be eaten especially with these 6 foods.

Health Tips: If you eat yogurt mixed with these six things, it may cause harm
Health Tips

Onion- If you eat by adding onion or curd in curd, then you will have to change this habit. That’s because yogurt is cold inside. The onion produces heat in the body. When both are eaten together then it proves to be harmful to the body. Problems like skin allergies, rashes are seen.

Fish- Eating yogurt and fish together is harmful. It is often suggested that two types of protein sources should not be eaten together. The other reason is that yogurt is made from cow’s milk, and fish is a non-vegetarian source. Which together with eating causes stomach problems.


Mango- By putting small pieces of mango in curd, the food feels like eating sweets. But it proves equally harmful to the body. This creates a feeling of cold and heat in the body. Which then later causes skin related problems in the body.

Black lentils[Urad Dal] – Ayurveda expressly forbids eating this dal with curd. If you believe in Ayurveda, eating urad dal[Black lentils] with curd can cause stomach problems for a long time.

Milk- One should never eat yogurt and milk together. You may have to face problems like acidity and gas to do this.

Health Tips: If you eat yogurt mixed with these six things, it may cause harm
Avoid these things with yogurt

Oily food– People are fond of eating curd with parathas. But do you know that food and yogurt full of oil proves very harmful for the body? Makes you lazy Perhaps this is the reason why after eating a glass of lassi with hot chickpeas, bhaturs, or poori, one gets sleep immediately.

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