Health Tips-Find out about your illness with the changing color of the tongue

In this terrible period of illness, you take full care of the hygiene around you. Eat hygienic food and to keep your body healthy, stay away from all types of unhygienic things. But in a hurry to keep yourself healthy, you forget to pay attention to one thing and that is cleaning your mouth. Yes, as much as you care about your body.

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It is more important than that to take care of your oral hygiene because if you do not clean the mouth properly, you may face problems like swelling in the gums, blood from teeth, bad breath, and mouth blisters, which will later become a May take the form of serious and fatal illness.

Health Tips: Find out about your illness with the changing color of the tongue

Apart from this, eating ice cream is a problem of sensitivity and the changing color of the tongue, these are the problems that point towards your weekly oral health. Let us tell you that taking care of oral health is not just brushing.

You need to adopt some such rules in your routine which is very important for your healthy mouth. That is why today we have brought such measures for you, which will help you in getting rid of the troubles of the mouth and will also know the reason behind these troubles.

Changing the color of the tongue is a sign of which disease?
Have you ever noticed the color of your tongue while brushing? If not, start paying attention now. Because the color of the tongue can make you aware of your disease. If your tongue is red in color then there is a lack of water in your body.

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At the same time, the blue color of your tongue is a sign of your respiratory disease. The whitening of the tongue indicates disease in the body. This happens when you do not clean your tongue properly. This is also the reason for fungal infection and bad breath.

Apart from this, if there are dark spots on your tongue, then understand that you have a bacterial infection. This problem can be caused by using the wrong toothpaste or due to hormonal changes. In such a situation, please consult a doctor.

Weak gums will make your thirty-two disappear
If your gums are weak then it will definitely have an effect on your teeth as well. When you do not brush daily, dirt starts to accumulate between your teeth and gums. This is the reason why the roots of teeth start to weaken. In such a situation, if your teeth start moving or the gums bleed after brushing, then see the doctor without delay.

Pain in the jaw
Jaw pain occurs when teeth begin to rot or the jaw bone becomes infected. Apart from this, if the bone which connects the temple to the lower jaw, if there is any problem in it, then it is natural to have pain in the jaw. In such a situation, on the advice of doctors, immediately get your teeth, jaw bone and muscles tested.

Ice cream causes tooth loss
The ice cream that you eat with great passion, that ice cream causes sensitivities in your teeth. The reason for this is the artificial color added to the dark soda. This can cause damage to the enamel of your teeth.

Simple home remedies
1. Brush twice a day and use a soft toothbrush
2. Get your mouth checked every week or 15 days
3. Eat healthy food instead of sweets, cold drinks, junk food, etc.
4. Clean your teeth immediately after eating food and do not forget to rinse
5. Make sure to consume fennel after meals. It has two benefits – first, there is no odor from the mouth and secondly, the food is digested.



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