Health Tips-Eating too sweet makes your brain weak, can become a victim of depression

Who does not like sweet food Even if someone eats less or someone eats more, everyone wants a dessert? Even the sweet food after dinner is as if it reflects the Indian tradition that has been going on for centuries.

In other countries, sweets may not be as popular, but in India, no festival is needed to make or eat sweets. If we say directly, there is a deep connection between Sweet and the people of India. One such connection is between sweet and your brain.

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The only difference is that the relation of people with sweet is sweet but the relation of your mind with sweet is very dangerous. According to a recent study, food triggers some emotions in your body, in which eating too much sweetness increases feelings of depression.

According to a study conducted by the British Journal of Psychiatry, people who consume more processed carbs or sweets may develop depression over a period of five years. So let’s know in detail about this study.

Increase depression Assistant Is sugar
There are two types of sugar – the first simple sugar, which is found in vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Another processed sugar, which is high calorie. It is found in chocolate, drinks, and many other things.

Simple sugar is supplemented by other minerals, vitamins, and fiber, so the body takes time to absorb it. After entering your body, sugar breaks down carbohydrates into glucose, which later works to give energy to cells.

But too much energy can slowly lead you to the addiction to sweets because when you eat less sweet then you will feel weak which will create a craving for sweets inside you.

Dopamine increases sugar
When you consume sugar, the level of dopamine in your brain starts increasing. So that one feels mood swings, anxiety, and depression.

At the same time, when you consume large amounts of sweet things, your body starts making certain chemical changes, which increases the craving for sugar and faster.

If you are not able to eat sweets during that time then you feel hoarse, irritable, anxious, serious, and depressed all the time. According to a study published in Science Reports, women are more likely to develop common mental disorders and stress due to the consumption of sugar.

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Sugar causes inflammation and stress
Eating has a great effect on our mood and emotions. Sugar can increase the risk of triggering mood disturbances and stress, which increases inflammation in the body.

Which has a lot to do with depression? At the same time, it also causes loss of appetite, changes in sleep patterns, which are also major factors that increase stress.

In such a situation, it is very important to keep your insulin levels right to deal with depression. In fact, insulin fluctuations in your body can cause disturbances in metabolism, which can increase weight and make you prone to many diseases.

If nothing else, it will increase your stress and start bothering you mentally. Therefore reduce the amount of sugar in the food, avoid eating as many processed foods as possible.




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