Hair Care Tips-Be careful to apply hair color continuously, Cancer risk increases

In the past, white hair was considered a sign of old age, but in today’s time, this thing can not be considered right. Due to the lifestyle of today and poor food, dust, soil, sunlight, and pollution, people’s hair is starting to turn white at an early age. In such a situation, people find it very easy to blacken by applying white hair dye. There are some hair color patterns whose effect lasts for some time, while some hair colors are permanent. Even though these permanent colors can relieve you from the hassle of coloring your hair for a long time, but using them continuously or more can prove to be very harmful to your health, so today we will give you the disadvantages of applying hair dye. Going to tell you about

Hair Care Tips: Be careful to apply hair color continuously!  Cancer risk increases


The use of dye increases cancer risk

According to recent research, if you use permanent hair dye, it increases your risk of getting many types of cancer, such as breast cancer, skin cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. Most of the hair dyes are applied by women so that the risk of its occurrence is also high.

Concluded after 36 years of research

Hair dye is mostly used by middle-aged and old people, which usually includes people between 40 and 80 years because there is a higher risk of getting cancer at this age. In such a situation, if you use permanent hair dye, then it can prove very harmful for you. Scientists included 1,17,200 women in this study. In this research, women were monitored for more than 36 years, after which this conclusion was revealed. At the beginning of this research neither of these women had cancer nor was there any risk of getting cancer. Subsequently, it was found in research that most of the women who used permanent hair dye suffered from cancer.

Which use of hair dye increases the risk of cancer?

According to the study, if you use permanent hair dye. So, you are at the highest risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and skin cancer. But it depends on how much and how often you use it on your hair. According to scientists, the darker the color of hair dye, the more the concentration of chemicals is found in it, so the danger becomes even greater.

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Keep these things in mind when using hair dye

Instead of your permanent, you apply temporary or homemade hair dye in your hair.
-Be sure to wear gloves with polyethylene in your hands before dissolving, applying, and releasing hair dye.
– Do not leave it for longer than the instructions for applying it.
Do not use two different brands or two different dyes by mixing them together, as this can prove to be dangerous.
If after burning hair dye there is any irritation on your skin, eye irritation, difficulty in breathing, or any other problem, then consult your doctor immediately.



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