Follow these home remedies to get rid of dirt & insects from home, an onion will be a miracle

Nobody likes it when the house is dirty. We don’t like dirt either. But how much can be cleaned, After all? Dust comes from outside, sometimes from air pollution, sometimes from our shoes. This is why there is often dirt on the corners of the house, walls, railings, bathroom floors. Not only is this the problem of one house, but in every house, people face the problem of dirt. Now, if home remedies are used in the problem of the house, then there is no burden on our wallet and there is no problem with cleaning. So take an onion that is kept in the kitchen of the house, squeeze the juice, and now know how it can help remove the dirt from the house.

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Become rusty

If you see rust anywhere in the corners of the house, add lemon juice and a half teaspoon of baking soda to the onion juice and mix it. Then rub the dirt part with a mixture of onion, lemon juice, and baking powder. This way the rust disappears in your house.

Insecticidal medicine

No matter how many insecticidal are used, Insects do not end due to dirt. In such a situation, after spraying with insecticides, sprinkle onion juice and leave it. Then you will see that insects themselves die from the strong smell of onions.

The ants

Ants will gather where sweet falls. If something sweet accidentally falls now, immediately leave onion juice on it and let it sit. Not even an ant can come close to this recipe. 4

Mark on the walls

Small children draw on the walls with a pencil. If you want to clean them, you can gain them by spraying onion juice.

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Let’s get some good habits

Leave shoes at the door.
Consider how often you leave your windows open.
Run your kitchen’s exhaust fan while cooking.
Empty your bagless vacuum outside.
Clean your vents regularly.



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