Metabolism is the name of a process in our body that converts food into energy, enzymes, or fat. The cycle of metabolism continues in our body, which gives strength to the body. The faster your metabolic rate, the more energetic and active you will be. If your metabolic rate is slow, you may face problems such as fatigue, high cholesterol, muscle weakness, dry skin, weight gain, joint swelling, heavy menstruation, depression, and slow heart rate.

factors that can slow down your metabolism, weight loss also becomes difficult
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Effect of slow metabolism in weight loss

The metabolism of the body affects the process of weight loss. Slow metabolism also slows down the weight loss process. Metabolism plays an important role in weight loss. With better metabolism, you will also lose weight, but it is not the only factor to lose weight. Studies show that weight gain is not caused by slow metabolism. If the metabolism is severe, it can help you burn more calories. There are some of the factors that affect your metabolism along with weight loss.

Sitting for a long time


Prolonged sitting will lower your metabolic rate. It reduces blood circulation, which means it burns fewer calories. Fat burning enzymes break down fat called triglycerides. Therefore, sitting for a long time should be avoided.


Metabolism is more common in men than in women. Slow-motion metabolism occurs in women. At the same time, genes are a component of slow metabolism.

Age of person

Metabolism decreases with age. It is one of the unaltered parts. A balanced diet and regular exercise can help maintain a healthy weight.

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Not enough sleep

Getting enough sleep is important for overall health. If you do not sleep properly your body will secrete hormones so you can use more calories. As a result, weight gain. Inadequate sleep adversely affects one’s metabolism.


Often, stress or strain can adversely affect health. This causes people to start consuming more calories. Chronic stress affects metabolism and can lead to weight gain.

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Unhealthy diet

Most people often choose the crash diet for weight loss, but this diet has many side effects. In fact, the Crash Diet lacks essential nutrients. In this case, consuming very few calories will affect your metabolism



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