Excessive noise can cause DNA damage. More noise has a wider impact on human health.

Living in high noise can be harmful to health. According to a study, exposure to high noise can lead to diseases like high blood pressure and cancer.

Loud noises are not good for the ears anyway, but researchers (Researchers) say that being in the middle of too much noise is bad for health. A new study has found that exposure to high noise can surround diseases such as high blood pressure and cancer. More noise emanating from any source has a wider impact on human health. German researchers exposed mice to loud noises such as the noise of a passing aircraft. They saw how the health of mice was affected by exposure to loud sounds. The rats heard the sound of the aircraft for four days and found that they had complained of high blood pressure.


Excessive noise can cause DNA damage, high blood pressure and disease like cancer

Researchers at the University Medical Center of Mainz have published various studies on the effect of atmospheric noise on the health of mice. A study published in the journal found that high levels of sound can cause high blood pressure and DNA damage that is associated with the development of cancer. (Excessive noise can cause DNA damage)

Researchers are now demanding better protection from high noise for those at high risk. Blood pressure in mice and animals had already increased due to the noise of the aircraft for only four days and the noise further caused stress levels and inflammation of the heart, causing further damage.

According to experts, high blood pressure can lead to heart attack, excessive inflammation on the artery wall, weak and narrowed blood cells in the kidney, impact on the blood cells of the eye, disorders related to metabolism, and memory-related complications. Environmental factors also increase the risk of developing cancer.

The research was to be presented at a large health conference in the US, which was canceled due to the outbreak of Kovid-19. Chief researcher Mathias Olej said, ‘Large studies have linked noise exposure to health problems in people. Our new data provide greater insight into the adverse effects on this health, particularly high blood pressure and potential cancer development, which are the two leading causes of global death. Research has so far been a study done on animals and has not established how much noise harms health. (Excessive noise can cause DNA damage)

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