Today, people start having respiratory problems at a very young age. The symptoms are-When lifting something heavy or talking for a long time, your breath starts to swell. Work a little, take heavy things, or talk more, and then you start breath seems to thrive. There can be many reasons for breathing trouble. All types of allergies, such as obesity, smoking, pollution, extreme cold, asthma, heart problems, cancer, television, and anemia. At the same time, inflammation of the lungs and bronchial tubes, asthma problems are common causes of shortness of breath.

Easy home remedies To get rid of respiratory problems
  • This problem of shortness of breath is called dyspnea. In this case, the lungs do not receive enough oxygen. This causes problems to the heart and lungs and causes difficulty in breathing.
  • Coffee aroma or drinking hot coffee provides instant relief from an asthma attack. The coffee immediately opens the air trapped in the windpipe.
  • If you have difficulty breathing at home, keep eucalyptus oil. The smell of this oil or steaming water gives immediate relief, and this problem is eliminated.
  • Tulsi is also effective in respiratory diseases, drinking honey mixed with the juice of basil leaves provides relief. Chewing ginger or drinking hot water also cures respiratory infections.
  • Do not smoke, bidi, tobacco if you breathe often. Avoid going in dirty environments
  • Breathing patients can feel relax by adding honey in water to take steam. Drinking honey mixed with hot water also removes the accumulated mucus.
  • If the breath is bloating, immediately move away from the front of the AC or refrigerator. Take a warm and open space and take a deep breath. You can also take a bath with hot water. It also reduces obesity. Rose is light.
Easy home remedies To get rid of respiratory problems
  • When you feel that you are having difficulty breathing, take a deep breath through your nose, and release through your mouth deeply like blow a whistle with your lips. This will give you a deep comfort.

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