Do children scratch their heads all day long, Get rid of lice in these ways

Children have head lice. Because of this, their parents also start to worry when children are upset. In such a way, they can be disposed of in a number of household ways. However, some precautions need to be taken

It is a common problem for children to have head lice, but the itching and burning in children are very annoying. In fact, these lice in the child’s head can often be spent outside or more often than other kids. To get rid of the lice, you can take medicine from the drug or even show it to the doctor.


However, there are also some natural remedies, with the help of parents, that can treat the child’s head lice. If your child also suffers from head lice, you can overcome them by using these simple remedies.

Do children scratch their heads all day long?  Get rid of lice in these ways

Onion juice works wonders
Onion is useful to us in many ways. According to a report on onions, lice are also removed from the onion juice. To do this, just put the onion juice and apply it on your child’s head for a few hours. Then comb the hair and remove the dead lice from the head. If not all lice come out at once, this can be done two to three times a week. (Do children scratch their heads all day long, Get rid of lice in these ways)

Petroleum jelly is used for dry skin, but it can be used to kill lice. Elements present in petroleum jelly are effective in killing the yoke. Apply petroleum jelly to your hair and sleep until morning.

Lice will love vinegar
You can use vinegar to get rid of the child’s head lice. To do this, apply vinegar to the child’s hair and leave the head like this for some time. After some time, wash the child’s head with plain water. Keep in mind that the head is properly washed. So that dead lice and nit come out of the hair. However, wash children’s clothes too well so that the lice cannot get into the child’s head.

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Olive oil is also an effective remedy
Olive oil is considered very effective in eliminating head lice. Apply a large amount of olive oil to the child’s head and leave the head like that for some time. After a while, comb out the dead lice and wash the child’s hair well. With this oil, the eggs of the yoke suffocate and die. (Do children scratch their heads all day long, Get rid of lice in these ways)

Coconut oil provides relief
Coconut oil is also beneficial in getting rid of head lice. Apply it on the skin of your child’s head. Then leave it like that for a few hours. Then use a thin comb in the hair. Then wash the hair thoroughly with shampoo and conditioner. Later, when hair is dry after shampooing, comb hair. If the yoke is left, you can do it twice a week.



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