Difficulty in digesting milk? Not a problem of lactose intolerance …

Many people may have heard them say that drinking milk is not for them or that they do not digest milk. There are many people who have a hard time drinking milk or consuming dairy products. Such people can be lactose intolerant. Lactose is a type of sugar naturally found in mammalian milk and is also the main source of calories in milk. Lactose is found in milk and dairy products. The body uses an enzyme called lactose that helps break down sugar. So that these substances are well absorbed in the body, but those who suffer from lactose intolerance do not have enough lactase in their body. Lactose is formed in the small intestine.

Experts say, many people have low levels of this enzyme, but they digest milk and products made from it easily. At the same time, people with lactose intolerance start to appear some symptoms after consuming milk or milk products. There is currently no treatment available for lactose intolerance, but the use of substances with a low lactose content can relieve symptoms.


stomach acheLactose intolerance causes stomach problems. This condition starts in the stomach. There is a problem with stomach cramps and pain when lactose is intolerant. Abdominal pain and flatulence are common with lactose intolerance. This happens when the bacteria in the colon ferment lactose, which has left the body half-baked. Pain is common around the belly button and lower abdomen.

Difficulty in digesting milk? Not a problem of lactose intolerance …
Difficulty in digesting milk

Vomiting problem

A person with a milk allergy may have stomach problems as well as vomiting and nausea. Such people start vomiting and become nauseous as soon as they consume a dairy product. (Difficulty in digesting milk, Not a problem of lactose intolerance …) Vomiting may occur until the whole milk product comes out of the stomach.

Other symptoms include

► Headache

► Fatigue

► Decrease in concentration

► Muscle and joint pain

► Mouth ulcers

► Problem with urination

► itching

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Lactose intolerance can cause diarrhea or cause frequent bowel movements. It occurs when there is an undigested lactose ferment in the stomach, which produces short-chain fatty acids that increase the amount of water in the intestine.

Make gas

Digestion of lactose in the stomach can cause flatulence. The gas produced by lactose fermentation is odorless.


Constipation is a rare symptom of lactose intolerance. This is believed to be due to an increase in methane production in the colon, slowing the time of infection in the gut.

People who don’t digest milk or things made from it should definitely stay away from it, but do see a doctor. The problem may be resolved after timely treatment.

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