Could Vitamin D Supplement Calcifediol Reduce the Risk of Death in COVID-19 Patients?

The drug calcifediol can reduce the risk of serious infection in patients with Covid-19. Researchers in Spain have claimed that consumption of Kovid-19 can also be prevented through its use.

Could Vitamin D Supplement Calcifediol Reduce the Risk of Death in covid-19 Patients?

Covid-19 treated with calcifediol?


Calcifediol is in a class of drugs called vitamin D analogs. This drug is an active form of vitamin D supplementation. Scientists are now looking at calcifediol in the search for cheap antiviral drugs. Spanish research was published in Science Direct. The drug was tested on 50-60 patients of hospitalized Kovid-19. Only one patient needed to be admitted to the IC during the test. The remaining other patients were discharged from the hospital without complications. Some patients who were not on medication had to go to the ICU, while two patients died.

Spanish researchers revealed

Marta Entries Castillo, the principal investigator at Renasofia University Hospital in Córdoba, said, “Our pilot study showed that patients on high doses of calcifediol or 25-hydroxy vitamin D apparently did not need to go to the ICU.” When the body replaces vitamin D with a chemical substance, it is also called calcidiol in addition to 25-hydroxy-vitamin-D.

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The 25-hydroxy vitamin D test is the best way to check vitamin D levels. The amount of 25-hydroxy-vitamin-D in the blood is an indication of how much vitamin D is in your body. Tests show that your vitamin daily level is too high or too low. However, experts are not unanimous on the new research. Satyajit Rath, the scientist at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research in Pune, says, “The research is quite interesting, but the results are not concrete.”



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