The problem of irregular menstruation is common nowadays. If something seems unnatural or if the delay in the cycle increases too much, then it can be ‘alarming’. In that case, contacting the doctor is the best option. However, there can be many reasons for irregular menstruation, which are sometimes not very serious. But it has been seen that the problem of irregular menstruation is often more in adolescent girls, in which menstruation has just started. Hormonal imbalance, overweight or underweight, and a sedentary lifestyle are the main causes of irregular periods in women. Menstrual irregularity can lead to weight gain. Bloating, facial hair and mood swings may also occur in this condition. To cope with irregular periods, it is important to improve your lifestyle, lose weight, eat well, and exercise regularly.

There are many home remedies for irregular menstruation, which can help improve the condition. Let’s know –

Consume this food during irregular periods, problems will be overcome

Ginger or dry ginger
Both ginger and dry ginger are considered helpful in regulating periods. One is that the ginger effect is hot, due to which the flow of periods is right. Secondly, ginger relaxes the stomach and increases the immunity of the body.

By eating beetroot, blood cells i.e. blood cells are formed in the body. But apart from this, iron and folic acid are also found in beetroot. Both of these help in removing the irregularity of menstruation. Beetroot balances hormones.

Consume this food during irregular periods, problems will be overcome

It can prove to be a panacea in correcting irregularities of periods. It not only regulates periods regularly but also relieves severe pain during menstruation. The hydroxy clone present in it maintains insulin levels during periods.

Cinnamon and Ginger

Tamarind or Sour Ingredients:
By the way, it is believed that sour food should be avoided during menstruation, but in case of irregular menstruation, the pulp of ripe tamarind can work magic.


Raw Papaya:
Raw papaya is beneficial in menstrual problems due to stress and menopause. The iron, keratin, calcium, vitamins A, and C present in raw papaya act as fiber to the contracted muscles of the uterus.

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  • If stress is the cause of your menstrual cycle, make yoga and meditation a part of your daily routine for a stress-free life. Regular exercise solves a lot of problems anyway. With this, the body is protected from many diseases.
  • Acupuncture also proves beneficial for women suffering from menstrual irregularities.
  • Most important, eat a balanced and nutritious diet. A good diet is very important for hormonal balance.
  • If a hormonal imbalance is a reason for irregular menstruation, first of all seek medical advice. That would be appropriate.


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