Clean the burnt utensils of your kitchen with the help of these things available at home

Try these simple tips so that stains can be removed from the kitchen utensils, their shine can be preserved.

Whenever we make fried food or the food gets burnt many times, the utensils burn badly. It is difficult to clean them with a detergent or muffin. Now the question is how to clean them. Yes, it is possible, that too in the house with something that is easily found in our homes. Today we will give you some tips on this matter. With their help, you can easily keep your kitchen utensils clean.
Salt: To clean a burnt pot, boil it with salt and water. Then clean the stain with a scrubber or brush. Your utensils will shine.
Lemon: Take a fresh lemon and take hot water in a pot. Squeeze lemon juice in hot water. Rub this mixture in a burnt vessel with a brush, and then wash it with fresh water. Remove any burnt marks from it. This makes it easier to wash utensils.
tomatoes: Tomato juice is said to be very effective for cleaning burnt pots. To clean a burnt pot, add tomato juice and water and heat it. Then rub thoroughly and clean.

onion: Cut the onion into small pieces and place them in the pan. After that, add water to the same vessel and heat it. The burnt spots from the pot will soon be cleared.

Ammonia(Meetha soda): Mix ammonia and water and heat it in a pan. When it is properly heated, clean it with a brush.



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