Cholesterol is low in cashews, the heart can benefit if eaten properly

Cashew is a nutritious nut. It is mostly used in Indian sweets or sweet dishes such as cashew katli, kheer, etc. Cashew provides many health benefits for the body. Consumption of cashews is especially beneficial for the heart.

Eating cashews keep the metabolism in the body and heals heart disease. It contains minerals such as magnesium, copper, manganese, zinc, potassium, and selenium, which maintain health. The cholesterol content in cashews is very low and the antioxidants present keep heart disease away.


Cashews are great sources of healthy dietary fats, including monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats, which are good for the heart as well as the body. These fats help lower LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol), which can lead to heart conditions such as atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.

Cholesterol is low in cashews, the heart can benefit if eaten properly

The oleic acid in cashews (a form of monounsaturated fiber) helps reduce the risk of heart disease. Unsaturated fats from cashews help to increase HDL (good cholesterol) cholesterol, lower triglyceride levels, and even lower blood pressure.

Cashews’ low blood pressure capacity is also due to its high potassium and low sodium content. This ratio keeps blood pressure in check and reduces the risk of high blood pressure, heart attack, and stroke.

Cashews are good for the heartbeat. The abundance of copper in cashews aids in iron metabolism, which prevents an irregular heartbeat. Cashew contains a relative amount of vitamin E, which can inhibit plaque formation in the arteries and reduce blood flow.

Another essential nutrient present in cashews is fiber. It lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, inflammation, and improves heart health. Cashew contains a beneficial amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which maintain the heart rate and prevent it from becoming abnormal.

L-arginine is another compound found in cashew nuts that keeps the blood flow clean, prevents blood clots from forming, and thus keeps the heart-healthy.

It’s important to make sure that no matter how good it is to eat food, excessive intake is not good for health. It is beneficial to eat 5-6 cashews per day. You can eat it as a healthy snack and control your desire to eat junk food. Better to eat cashews in the morning. You can also eat it for breakfast.

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