Brain aneurysms with headache, nausea or vomiting, sensitivity to light, epilepsy, stiff neck, muscle weakness, difficulty moving any part of the body, blurred eyes, lethargy, There are signs of difficulty speaking.

Brain Aneurysms: Don’t ignore a headache if you are very strong, can fall victim to aneurysm
Brain Aneurysms

Everyone must have felt a little bit of a headache at one time or another. Headaches can also be caused by excessive running or stress, but if a person has such severe pain in the head that they feel like the head has been torn, they should not ignore this symptom. Also, the neck feels stiff too, so don’t take it lightly as the person may be a victim of a cerebral aneurysm or a cerebral aneurysm. A cerebral aneurysm occurs when part of the cerebral artery swells and fills with blood. This is a type of life-threatening condition that can affect people of any age. A brain stroke, brain damage can also occur in this situation.

The patient can also die suddenly. In the case of a brain aneurysm, signs of nausea or vomiting with the headache, sensitivity to light, epilepsy, stiff neck, muscle weakness, difficulty moving any part of the body, blurred eyes, lethargy, difficulty speaking, etc. Huh. This disease affects people between the ages of 35 and 60, but in some cases, the condition can also be seen in children. Brain aneurysms are caused by thinning of the vessel walls. They often form on thorns or branches in the blood vessels because these areas of the veins are weak. Brain aneurysms can occur for a variety of reasons. Heredity, high blood pressure, and abnormal blood flow are the main causes of this. Women get it more often than men. CT scan and brain angiography, along with a doctor’s clinical test, monitor the disease.

Treatment of brain aneurysms: In the treatment of brain aneurysms, doctors look at age, disease status, and health status. If the aneurysm is small and the condition is not very severe, the risk of breakdown is negligible. In such a situation, doctors are looking for ways to control high blood pressure. If the aneurysm is large or in pain, surgery will be performed.


The risk of this can be reduced by making some lifestyle changes and home remedies. The most important thing here is to check blood pressure. The blood flow in the body becomes very fast during high blood pressure. In this situation, the heart has to do more work. The heart pumps blood through the arteries into the body. A certain pressure is required for blood to flow into the arteries. When the pressure gets high, it puts pressure on the arteries. Apart from this, healthy foods should be included in your diet including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, high fiber foods, milk, etc.

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