Our digestive system plays a vital role in maintaining our overall health because its main function is to break down the food we eat into small molecules, so, that our body can absorb nutrients or vitamins present in it. A good and healthy body leads to a healthy life that every one of us wants. If you have a weak digestive system and look for a healthy diet that helps you boost it, so, you will surprise to know that the secret of your good health is in your own kitchen. Yes, you heard that right; there are a number of spices you eat regularly that can help to boost up your immunity. Here in this article, we talk about some of the spices that have a number of hidden health benefits.

Boost Your Digestive System With These Spices
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Cumin: Also known as Jeera, you may find this spice in almost every kitchen and it most often used to deal with normal digestive problems like Gas and Bloating. Cumin Seeds are highly popular because of their anti-inflammatory properties that have the ability to ease stomach pain and other digestive problems.

Turmeric: It is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent that has anti-inflammatory and other medicinal properties, which make it an ideal spice to cure a number of problems. It not only used to add color to food but also used for curing Stomach Bloating, Gas, Stomach Ulcers, and other digestive problems.

Cardamom: Another popular and proven spice that helps to solve the digestive problem is cardamom. The spice is very much known to remove waste from the kidneys and take care of your digestive system, which automatically leads to a healthy life.


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Cinnamon: Cinnamon not only helps you in attaining your weight loss goals but also keeps your digestive system in check. Its anti-bacterial property heals and prevents the infection, so, your body can easily absorb more and more nutrients.

Black Pepper: As we all know that Hydrochloric acid is a must for the digestion of proteins and other food components and black pepper is one of the popular spices that increase hydrochloric acid secretion, which automatically improves your digestive system.

Boost Your Digestive System With These Spices
Boost Your Digestive System With These Spices

Cloves: Last but not least spice in our list is cloves that help to stimulate sluggish circulation and take care of your digestive system. In Ayurveda, this spice is recognized as Kaphahar, which justifies its objective of maintaining the balance of Kapha Dosha.

These are a few spices that one can easily find in their kitchen that have a number of health benefits and the power to improve your digestive system. Go to your kitchen now and grab all these spices and incorporate them into your regular diet to see faster results.

Article by: Shreya Katyal(nutritionist)



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