Water made from the extract of many substances is called infused water. It is made by mixing different fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Fruits, vegetables, and herbs are first soaked in water and then their minerals are brought into the water. This water looks pure and delicious as it contains all kinds of minerals.

This water is good for the body

Need to drink eight to ten glasses of water a day. But diabetics need to drink twice as much water. This is due to the lack of water in the patient’s body due to diabetes. In diabetics, when the blood glucose level rises, the body needs water. As the amount of water in the body increases, most of the glucose is excreted from the body through water.

Try a soft drink


If you take a nutritious drink along with a nutritious diet, the body will not get its benefit, but the loss. This is because the sugar percentage in these soft drinks increases the calories. If you are on a strict diet, do not drink soft drinks with sugar at all. Instead, when you want to drink soft drinks, use infused water, which will improve your health and prevent food spoilage. Fruits are considered to be the best way to absorb water deficiency in the body.

Lemon, basil, and strawberry water

Boil three or four strawberries, chop finely, then add four or five basil leaves and a slice of lemon in a little water. Keep this water for three hours. Then filter this water and drink. It was delicious. You can not soak fruits or vegetables in water for a long time because they will be damaged. Herbs can be soaked in water for a long time.

Cucumber, lemon, strawberry, peppermint

Grind the mint leaves and add the lemon and strawberry slices to taste. Add ground mint in this mint and leave for a few hours. If you want to drink this water, strain it and put small cucumber slices in it. The taste of this water is completely different and cools the body.

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