Most people love sweets. In this case, most sweet foods are prepared using sugar. It is also a fact that consuming too much sugar can be unhealthy because sugar is high in calories. In such a situation, if our daily routine is not very heavy, sugar can also harm the body. In this situation, the use of brown sugar instead of regular sugar is increasing these days.

How is brown sugar different from sugar?

sugar and jaggery are made from sugar cane, but when sugar is prepared in sugar factories, many chemicals are added to refine it and make it sweeter. Since jaggery is a natural form, the sweetness of the sugar increases as more chemicals are added and more sweeteners are harvested. For this reason, the amount of calories in sugar also increases, and there is a risk of side effects of the chemical it uses. At the same time, brown sugar is actually the purest form of jaggery. In fact, it is a form between brown sugar and sugar, cooked without chemicals, and with health benefits.

Benefits of brown sugar in food, know how beneficial for health


According to experts, brown sugar is rich in nutrients, brown sugar does not have to go through many processes like regular sugar, that is, it is not refined, so nutrients remain in it. Brown sugar is low in calories. It contains iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, protein, carbohydrates, vitamin B, and many other elements that are beneficial to health. On the other hand, many of its elements are destroyed due to simply refined sugar. Only calories and carbohydrates remain in it, so this is not beneficial for the body.

Sugar and brown sugar affects on health

Since sugar is very high in carbohydrates, high sugar consumption also provides the body with excessive calories. In these days in urban life, the lifestyle of most people is reduced to a little physical labor. In such a situation, along with weight gain due to excessive consumption of sugar, problems such as high cholesterol and high sugar levels also begin. Therefore, eating brown sugar instead of sugar is not harmful to your health.

Useful in cold and cold weather

Brown sugar has been used for centuries for diseases such as the common cold. If you consume a piece of ginger and a small amount of brown sugar in a glass of warm water, your cold will get immediate relief.

Also useful for asthma patients

Brown sugar is also beneficial for asthma sufferers as it has anti-allergic properties. If consumed regularly, asthma symptoms begin to gradually decrease.

Newborns don’t have gas problems

According to experts, if young children drink milk, it will be better to use brown sugar instead of regular sugar in milk bottles. Because at the same time, children do not have problems with gas, and milk is easily digested. However, in the case of young children, you can first consult a doctor.



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