Often, everyone will know about the bay leaves used in the kitchens of every household and the dishes used in marriages. Most people know bay leaves only for its fragrance and taste. But do you know that it also benefits your health in many ways? The antioxidant found in it has many medicinal properties. Bay leaf is a better spice for treating digestive problems. Apart from this, its consumption benefits you in many ways. So let’s know about its other benefits –

Benefits of bay leaves(Tej Patta) for beauty and fitness
Benefits of bay leaves(Tej Patta) for beauty and fitness

Benefits of bay leaves(Tej Patta) for beauty and fitness

Helps to relieve arthritis
The anti-inflammatory properties of bay leaves can help relieve arthritis pain. Applying castor oil and bay leaf oil on the painful area of ​​arthritis gives relief.


Avoid fatigue
Baking bay leaves in the living room eliminates a person’s fatigue and its smell gives peace of mind. It not only relaxes the nerves of the brain but also strengthens the immune system as its smoke travels through the body into the airways.

Avoid constipation
If you have complaints about constipation, acid, and constipation, bay leaf can be very beneficial for you. It also contains tannins such as vitamin C, which can keep the gums healthy by tightening them in the tissue, which can keep them healthy by tightening teeth gums tissue. Brush with bay leaves ashes will reduce the yellowing of your teeth and keeps the gum strong.

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Benefit to diabetes
If you have diabetes, bay leaf is good for you. Based on a study, the consumption of bay leaves can reduce total cholesterol by 20 to 24%. It regulates blood sugar and keeps the heart-healthy. Therefore, use the bay leaf to control diabetes.

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Eliminate anxiety
Bay leaves cut off contaminated particles in the surrounding environment. If you feel stressed, burn the bay leaf, it will relieve all the stress in your brain in no time.

keep Sleepaway
If you have sleep problems or you feel sleepy, soak the bay leaf in water for at least six hours. Drink that water after waking up in the morning. It gives you a lot of relief and you get out of sleep.

Reducing inflammation and pain
Applying bay leaf oil on the painful area can provide relief from pain. You can also massage the painful area. Doing so will give you rest. Cineole present in bay leaves can also fight inflammation.

Cardiovascular benefits
Bay leaf is beneficial in heart-related problems. A person is less likely to have a heart attack and has a healthier heart. Research confirms that ethanol extracts obtained from bay leaves can be helpful in lowering cholesterol serum levels. Which may reduce the risk of stroke.

Remove dandruff
It is enriched with anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. The essential oil extracted from bay leaves is used in dandruff and psoriasis repellent lotion. It reduces dandruff and prevents itching.

Strengthen the kidneys
Bay leaf eliminates kidney problems. It contains lauric acid, which can relieve kidney problems. If you have kidney problems, boil bay leaves in water. Drink boiled water after cooling.

Helps to prevent cancer
Bay leaf has anti-cancer properties. It contains antiproliferative, quercetin, which prevents metabolism from becoming a deadly disease such as cancer.NCBI study says bay leaves can protect against stomach cancer.



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