Giloy is a natural herb that not only protects you from many diseases, but also helps keep your body healthy. Taking it helps boost immunity. Along with this, it increases platelet count and also helps purify the blood. Well, Giloy is considered a panacea for many diseases, but if you are a doctor, you should not use Giloy in many situations, so today we will tell you under what conditions you should avoid Giloy.

Do not use more in diabetes

Giloy reduces the level of sugar in the blood, so people who are suffering from diabetes ie sugar, they should use it less and should not use it for a long time.


Do not use in stomach related diseases

If there is any stomach related problem, avoid taking Giloy. Giloy can increase the problem of indigestion. There may be complaints of abdominal pain and torsion due to indigestion

Pregnant women don’t drink

The use of Giloy negatively affects the body of pregnant women. Therefore, pregnant women should avoid this. Women who have undergone delivery should avoid taking Giloy. In fact, it also affects blood sugar levels, which can make surgical wounds take a long time to heal and can feel pain as well.

Don’t drink if you have low blood pressure

People who have problems with low blood pressure should also avoid using Giloy because using it can lower your blood pressure. If people with low blood pressure consume Gila on a daily basis, their condition may worsen. Therefore, you should avoid consuming Giloy.



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