Tips for a Healthy Heart: It is very important to have a healthy heart for a healthy life. But nowadays, heart disease is very common. People die from heart problems. According to the medical organization, about 610,000 people die from heart disease each year in the United States, while India is not far behind, so let us tell you about the signs of heart disease today.

Are you ignoring these physical symptoms?

Feeling of chest pain.
Difficulty breathing will be felt.
Feeling of coldness, numbness, weakness, and coolness in the legs or arms.
Pain in the jaw, throat, back, or upper abdomen.
The problem with the head.
Trembling chest.
Swelling of the feet, hands, ankles, or feet.
Feeling tired or lethargic.
Skin rashes or blemishes.
Problem with dry cough.


If you have sudden difficulty breathing, chest pain, you should see your doctor as soon as possible. If you experience symptoms of any other heart condition, see your doctor and get it checked.

Sleep problems

A night of good, full sleep is not only necessary for your energy, mental health, focus, healthy weight, and attractive appearance, but it is also very important for keeping your heart healthy. When you go to bed worse, if it can cause excessive stress in your body, it can also increase your risk of heart disease. According to a medical organization, irregular sleep patterns and lack of sleep, every night cause high blood pressure and bloating, which are harmful to heart health, leading to an increased likelihood of heart problems.

Money problems cause heart problems

When a person has money problems, it directly affects your heart health. According to the study, 2,256 African American men and women were tested who did not have cardiovascular problems. According to this study, about 4% of participants had a heart attack or other heart problem for 9.6 years. According to a health expert, “We found that psychological feelings of stress or anxiety due to a lack of money were associated with the onset of heart disease. In addition, the anxiety caused by the lack of money is used to treat or have a heart attack. The effect of known drugs. ”

Live life with stress every day

Your body may experience the side effects of constant stress from your daily life. It can cause irregular heartbeat and body swelling. If you are constantly in a state of tension, your body is in an unhealthy state all the time.

Are you very angry?

When you are very angry, your body releases stress hormones, which leads to high blood pressure and a rapid heart rate. According to a health expert, “anger begins to form clots in the blood, which is a dangerous condition. When you are angry, you have a heart attack, stroke, or chest pain over the next two hours. It intensifies greatly.

This article is for information purposes. Consult a qualified physician



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