Alibaba And Fourty Thieves

Alibaba And Fourty Thieves
Alibaba And Fourty Thieves

अलीबाबा और 40 चोर

Ali Baba, a poor woodcutter who lived his life by cutting wood. His brother, Qasim, was a rich businessman who never cared for his poor brother nor did he ever help his brother. Instead, he mistreated Ali Baba, his wife, and son. One day, when Ali Baba started cutting wood sticks in the forest, he saw that many men were passing by on horses and he hid behind trees to see it. There is a gang of bandits.

He climbed a tree and saw forty horsemen. They all had bags full of gold and they took them to a big rock and all stopped there. Alibaba saw one of them standing in front of the rock and shouted loudly, ‘Open up Sim-Sim. ‘, And one of the rocks opened the door and all the people entered the cave. After a while, they came out and their chieftain shouted, ‘Go off sim sim’.


When the thieves left, Ali Baba went to the entrance of the cave. He uttered those same magic words and entered the cave. Seeing the scene there, he went to the square. There were heaps of gold, silk, jewels and gold crowns. Then he thought in mind that if I take some gold in it, then all my poverty will go away, then he starts thinking whether it is okay to steal from thieves? Then Ali Baba decided to get some gold for a house and his family.

When he got home, he showed his wife gold. His wife wanted to know how much gold he had. He went to Kasim’s house to borrow his wife’s scales so that he could weigh the gold. He did not want Kasim and his wife to know about sleeping, so he said that they were weighing meat. Qasim’s wife did not believe Ali Baba’s wife and wondered where they got the money to buy meat.

He applied honey to the bottom of one of the scales and gave the scales to Ali Baba’s wife. When Ali Baba’s wife returned the scales the next day, a gold coin was affixed with honey. Kasim’s wife now came to know his secret. When he told Kasim about his brother’s sleeping, he was jealous.

He went to Ali Baba’s house and asked his brother where he found it. When Ali Baba saw the gold coin, he told his brother about the cave and the forty thieves. The next morning, Qasim went to the cave carrying ten huge bags with ten donkeys. He stormed in, saying the same word Alibaba had told him, but he forgot the same magic word to come back from which he had come. Now Kasim got trapped inside the cave, he tried hard to go out but forgot all in the greed.

Alibaba And Fourty Thieves
अलीबाबा और 40 चोर

It was now evening and gradually it started getting dark. After some time he was heard by the voices of horses, he started to panic even more. He hid behind the sack lying there. When the bandits came in, they saw that some belongings were scattered. The dacoit chief suspects that someone has come to the cave. He ordered his companions to see the whole cave. After searching for a while, he found Kasim and presented it to the Bandit chieftain. Bandit chieftain asked him what are you doing here and how did you come here? Qasim told everything in fear.

The dacoit chieftain killed him and hung his head on the door of the cave. On the other hand, when Qasim did not return, Ali Baba went to look for him. He found his brother’s body hanging inside the cave and brought the body home. Qasim thought that the brother also has to be buried, but first all the pieces of his body have to be added, and no one should get a glimpse of it.

Marjina, a slave servant of Alibaba who was very clever, told Alibaba that she knows a cobbler, we will get her done by giving her some gold. She brought her cobbler with her blindfold at night so that she would know the house and buried Qasim’s body.

On the other hand, the robber went out to find Alibaba and he reached the village of searching Alibaba. However, each time his plans were thwarted by the clever Marjina. The chieftain of the bandits told his companions that if Alibaba had taken the body of his brother, he would have buried him and attached his body before this, then first of all seek the man. After some time, his companions caught the cobbler who had joined Kasim’s torso.

The Head questioned him. But the cobbler told them that the bandage was tied on his eyes, yes if you tie the bandage-like that, then I can take you to his house. The bandits did the same and tied the cobbler’s blindfold and followed him backward. After walking for a while, he stopped at Kasim’s house. The bandits put chalk on the wall of his house so that when he comes to attack tomorrow, he can identify the house. He cleverly made a plan. However, each time his plans were thwarted by the clever Marjina.

All the bandits went there after putting their eyes down. When Marjina came out of the house of Alibaba to finish her work at night, she saw a conclusion outside Qasim’s house. He found that sign very strange, but it did not take him long to understand that this sign has been planted by someone to identify the house. He cleverly put the same sign outside everyone’s house, and told his boss Alibaba about it. Alibaba started thinking a little, but Marjina told him that you should not panic at all, I will handle everything. Alibaba now became quite relaxed.

The next day, bandits planned that chieftain would become an oil trader and go to Kasim’s house and all the 39 bandits would hide in oil drums and kill Alibaba and all his family at night. According to the plan, the dacoit chieftain went with him to the companions hidden in the oil drums on the donkey.

When he got close to Qasim’s house, he got upset seeing similar marks outside all the houses. Marjina, who was watching everything standing at a distance, went close and asked who you are and whom you are looking for. Chieftain blushed and said that I am an oil merchant and it is too late for this, so I am looking for a place to stay.

It did not take long for Marjina to understand that he is the robber of the same cave who went looking for Alibaba and reached here. He cleverly said to the dacoit chief that my boss has a house here and he is a very kind person, he will allow you to stay in his house at night, you go with him to his house.

The dacoit leader agreed to let Marjina go to Alibaba’s house. Arriving at Alibaba’s house, Marjina secretly told the whole thing to her boss Alibaba and told Alibaba about her plan. Alibaba did exactly that. He welcomed the dacoit chieftain very well and arranged to have all his donkeys tied in his stables.

On the other hand, Marjina secretly went into the stables and threw some stones on one or two drums of oil and found that there was no sound like a drum filled with oil in them. She went back dacoit chief was served food as per Marjina’s plan at night. Marjina danced with food and entertained them, and while dancing, Marjina killed the dacoit chieftain and went into the stables and set all the oil drums on fire.

In this way all the bandits were killed by Marjina’s intelligence and cleverness. Alibaba was very happy with Marjina’s cleverness and got her son married to Marjina. Now Alibaba and his family started living a happy life.

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