No matter how much you are aware of your health, often you also fall prey to craving. When you eat some oily and fatty foods like french fries, burgers, and pizzas, etc., then the fat and oils present in them is very harmful to your health. Due to this, there is a risk of increasing problems like obesity, cholesterol level, diabetes, and heart disease, so let’s know today how you can keep yourself healthy even after consuming these types of foods.

After eating oily food, do these 5 things to avoid obesity and high cholesterol level
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What to do after eating oily food

Avoid sleeping immediately after eating
There should be a difference of at least two to three hours between eating and sleeping. But if you go to bed right after a meal, your energy is not used up and is stored in the body as fat.


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Avoid Cold Food After oily Food
Cold foods should be avoided after fatty foods. Because after eating oily foods, eating ice-cold ice cream negatively affects the liver, stomach, and intestines. So avoid cold foods after an oily diet.

After eating oily food do these 5 things to avoid obesity and high cholesterol level
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Drink lukewarm water
If you are eating oily food then drink lukewarm water after that. If you do not drink enough water after consuming fried foods, then your small intestine absorbs water from the food for digestion. Due to which you can also become a victim of dehydration and constipation. Drinking lukewarm water after an oily meal allows the digestive system to activate and proactively break down the nutrients into smaller and softer forms. So always drink lukewarm water every time when you eat some oily food.

Eat fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables provide enough vitamins, minerals, and fiber to your body. Eating more fiber and oily foods can cause constipation. For this, you should consume fresh fruits and vegetables. Apart from this, salad is the best option. You can eat salad to supply all the nutrients to the body.

After eating oily food do these 5 things to avoid obesity and high cholesterol level

Walk after dinner
Whether you eat oily food or not, but after every meal, you should do a small walk. So that your food is easily digested and it also makes your digestive system strong. But if you are eating oily food then definitely walk after it. After eating, you must walk for at least 30 minutes. With this, you can also succeed in losing weight.



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